DRAGONBORN CASTLE: Massive Castle Player Home- Xbox Modded Skyrim Mod Showcase

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Gameplay is from Skyrim Special Edition Xbox One X

37 Replies to “DRAGONBORN CASTLE: Massive Castle Player Home- Xbox Modded Skyrim Mod Showcase”

  1. Gary Laverty

    In the strongbox next to the bed, you'll find the Ring of the Dragonborn. This gives access to a hidden area in the bedroom.
    How does secret passages full of respawning loot chests, black soul gems alchemy and enchanting tables and another room with tables laden with gold, ebony and quicksilver ingots?
    Oh! There's also a full set of dragonborn clothes and accessories to wear giving you crazy bonuses to stats.
    Less community minded than Blackthorn, but better if you're planning on becoming high king. (all your guards are wearing ebony plate)
    Works great with Bruma as well.

  2. Rhys Larsen

    I only started this mod yesterday and so far it is awesome the csstle is huge i have the become high king of skyrim mod if that mod allowed u to pick u r own capital id pick this place hands down

  3. babylight35

    Hey awesome video I am glad you like it here are some more mods you might like Raj'dya – The Khajit Themed Playerhome, Shurrashi's Den | By ChaserTech, Fimbulvetr Retreat By Anataron, Czaretz, Kroniidro Zin (Conqueror's Honor) | By Philokalia2002, Phantommulit, Thur's Retreat | By 1xmiha, Eagleview, Peregrine Highwatch and Mushroom Tower – Player Home I really hope you enjoy these.

  4. Robert Vlcek

    Okay, the library, I can dig ?

    And the chandeliers… A little sad that you didn't take a closer look on these.

    Now, what I noticed in big homes or even castles is that these tend to have a barren look and feel.
    Not that I want to think little of the work that mod authors put into those mods especially because I haven't the possibility to do these.

    But in my opinion they have lots of empty space. And castles were actually not grim and dark which they would look like when the walls are just stone and rock (like Windhelm castle) – But castles had a butt load of either frescoes or tapestries which the mod author did put in with plants and banners.
    Although a bit more variety would be good.
    You can see what I mean with barren in the corridors and noticably the storage, armory and especially and sadly the living area of this castle.
    So I'd say that it has potential, putting in tapestries, drapes and frescoes, more furniture and static clutter.
    (Nevah's Keep did that although that one doesn't really fit into Skyrim : reminds me a bit of Castle Eltz in Germany).

    What I like about this particular mod is the outer bailey area if you want to call it that, with the little castle town. Here as well, lot of potential. A lot to build on.
    I'd make storage and armory smaller and add either alchemy and enchanting workshops and or more residential area instead. Or both.

    I hope someone would make a mod like "LC_build your noble house" which imo has the perfect balance of a smaller keep with a real cozy and "I want to live there" feeling with it's own town. Kind of what this mod tried to do…

  5. Karlofflegrande

    A truly beautiful and beautifully finished manor by YUSHKA 55. An elegant and well thought out haven for multiple styles of player character roleplays I like that it's in the extreme north (even if Castle Volkihar is a pretty sketchy neighbourhood) — It's good to have a base in most every direction of the map. There are some truly amazing touches (the gardens). The modder has more than a passing interest in architecture. Top notch!

  6. Phyllis Smith

    Okay I tend to stick to small or medium houses because they are comfortable. That said the bedroom in this one I want in real life. I doubt if I would use the armory much but love the little private gardens and that you can sell your extra stuff right at home in the small town. Excellent home for someone ready for a larger home but not wanting to go full Sjelblad. Thanks for another great showcase and take care.

  7. Learoy G

    A castle, just for the Dragonborn and a library. Count me in. Though I wish the bookshelves were the kind you can put books on. The glass door ones hide the books and we bookworms want to see our books.
    Like the castle and the town. Hope I can use this on PS4.

  8. Lucas Adams

    Hmm, even though I like the style of the castle and it's bailey I think I'll stick with Sjel Blod Castle. Also the mod author of Sjel Blod Castle said he's getting close to releasing the alpha for the next update. He said since the new year he's put 100+ hours into it, and said he'll have the alpha out soon.

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