Dragon Marked for Death Review | Nintendo Switch’s First Great Game of 2019

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24 Replies to “Dragon Marked for Death Review | Nintendo Switch’s First Great Game of 2019”

  1. Venom Neff

    I am Disillusioned with Major Reviews like so Called IGN , GameSpot and others who where Bribed by big companies such as EA and Activision . They used to have good reviewers in 90s. I will trust Good Reviewers in YouTubes such as Shadowforks and Happy Console Gamer.

  2. ineonx _xp

    the review was good but u forgot to say the most important part and that would be the "connection" u can't play the game online for even 5 to 10 seconds without encountering frequent connection problems further more if u try to play with the setting of "same region" then u will never be able to play with anyone at all. i bought the game cause i actually enjoy any rpg games but i feel disappointed with the online experience cause i cant even play with the "world wide regio" players

  3. HitsujiMamoru

    I'm not a big fan of the 2 packs thing but… to be fair, one is more likely to focus on one character for a while before moving to someone else in that kind of games, so that's not exactly bad!

  4. Roran86

    Would you recommend this game to someone who’d play it in single player only?

    I’ve never tried a Monster Hunter game before, and from what I’ve heard, they sound way too grindy for me, and I’ve heard this compared to them a few times now. I loved Dragon’s Crown though, even though I never played co-op, just solo.

    Based on that, would you recommend this game as a solo experience? It looks really cool, but I’ve heard a number of negatives, like dated design choices and spongey enemies for a solo player, so I was just wondering if these are things a single player Dragon’s Crown fan wouldn’t mind too much, or if these issues are more significant here.


  5. Psylent Productions

    Thanks for the review! Much respek! A real shame that Nintendo Online is required for multiplayer (which really seems to be the way this game is intended to be played). Would have been nice to pick this up. If they set up online multiplayer like Fortnite (no Nintendo Online) this would have been an instabuy (I can make up words too! ?).

  6. Dapper Fox

    "You'll be faced to do a myriad of quests" I hate to be this person, but that's not a correct usage of myriad. To say "you'll be faced with a myriad of quests" would be better. I enjoyed the review, you have a very clear and concise style that kept everything tight and understandable. Thank you for the video!

  7. Tri Le

    Just got the game looks good, but very few people for online multiplayer. It's a heavily multiplayer game and with a small community it's been tough. Also has anyone noticed that once you finish a level you go back into the multiplayer lobby, but are unable to change the level. There's no point in continuing to play the same level over and over. The only way to make a new level is to remake the game, potentially losing your party mates? Odd choice unless i'm missing something.

  8. NatashaGalaxy

    I honestly didn’t like the game. I enjoyed the Megaman Zero gameplay style and challenge, but there were a lot of things that made me put down the game because of frustrating moments. An example would be how I made it to the divine knight on the snow hill mission (can’t remember exact name.) The boss was level 11 and I was only level 6 or 7, which a game so heavily focused on leveling and upgrading the stats of your character, having a boss who has substantial level advantage makes the more frustrating than feeling like the game is challenging me to do better like the Megaman Zero or ZX games. Another problem I had was after I had drained my health items fighting the boss and had used up all my lives, I had to fight a bunch of enemies which caused me to die and I had to restart the mission all over again. I don’t mind challenge, but there is a difference between challenging the player and just plain bs. I want to like the game but honestly that experience kind of just ruined it for me. I’m not knocking those who like it, but this game is just not for me and I think the devs could have cut back on some of the bs.

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