DRAGON BALL GAME – PROJECT Z: Announcement Trailer | PS4, X1, PC

Determination, Despair, and Hope — Discover the story of the mysterious Dragon Balls in the all-new DRAGON BALL GAME – PROJECT Z! #DragonBallZ #Videogames #BandaiNamco

Join Goku and fellow warriors in the neverending search for the ultimate fight — COMING 2019!

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26 Replies to “DRAGON BALL GAME – PROJECT Z: Announcement Trailer | PS4, X1, PC”

  1. olpdragon

    If it is like a 3D current gen Legacy of Goku type game,then I am completely in. If it is just Xenoverse with a tad more open world, then the open world has to be very hefty.

  2. Pchannel

    Account of the Dragonball game that I wanted personally:

    -A game where it was possible to personalize a real personal hero better cared for Xenoverse, with the opportunity to make your own Saiyan ape, with hair that rise when you become Super Saiyan and mold of Consequence with the 2 and the 3.

    The possibility of being able to change the proportions of his hero, even if he was a child, muscular or fat.

    The possibility to color all the clothes present.

    The use of accessories or objects not only ornamental but also of use in battle.

    The possibility to change the color of the aura and the moveset.

    The addition of new breeds in addition to the 5 present on Xenoverse, for example, the Tsfuru, Dragonball talking animals, Androids, Dragonball GT dragon breed, Gurlic Jr. Demon Race, Kaio breed, tapion Kenyan breed, B Sphynx breed Eerus and

    Champa (perhaps also DYSPO) never been confirmed, the breed of angels, if they could insert so many, of course I only ask some of these but well structured.

    Addition of well-detailed transformations not only for saiyans such as the Hakaishin transformation of Toppo, the transformation into Majin with the appearance of the M, the one in ape mentioned above, the unlocked potential of the Wise elder, the Ultra Instinct, the Super Saiyan God (red), the legendary Super Saiyan, all transformations for the breed of freezers up to the Golden, the evil the super and the Kid Buu, plus the chance to absorb Gohan, piccolo and Gotenks as in the Canoninca series, the Earthlings in addition to the cloud Speedy They could have the transformation for the land in 100% MAX Power as the Master Roshi and so on.

    The possibility of being able to change the color of the skills and the supreme moves depending on the aura you choose for your character.

    -Good gameplay to the way of Tenkaichi 3 or even better Raging Blust 2.

    -a roster that includes all the characters of Tenkaichi 3 but that introduces others with a lot of alternatives of clothing according to the historical period such as the first muten with the orange blouse and the stick from the Super muten with the white vest a Especially the first series and GT, the outfits of the Z Warriors aged, the followers of Al Satan, Tao Pai Pai, Oscar the Pig, the Sorcerer of Taurus, Kibith, Lunch, Bora (Indian leader of the Tower of Karin), rage in all its forms, the same Karin , Yajirobei, Mutaito, Mr. Popo, Master Shen (master of Rif and Tensing), Grandpa Gohan. From Dragonball Gt as Don Kir, Lezik, Para Bara Brothers, Dr. Mieu, General Lilde, Sigma team to end up with Baby including the Golden Ape, the Golden Ape of Son Goku, all the evil dragons.

    -many more playable maps in addition to those of Tenkaichi 3 as the planet of King Kaio, the planet where Broly lives in the Super theme, the path of the Serpentone (Snap Road), the home of Little Goku from the first series, the Shin World of Zamasu Universe 10 , the afterlife tournament where they fight Pai Ku Han and Goku, planet Neo Vegeta of the old film Broly, the planet Luud, the ship where the first clash between Goku and Bills, the House of Goku and Chichi etc…

    -the possibility of making fusions in battle as Tenkaichi 3.

    And finally..

    The ideal would have been a game where you could live two stories a classic and one for the hero as in Ultimate Tenkaichi.

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