40 Replies to “Drag race: Tesla Model S 70D vs. Ford Focus RS”

  1. Tesla Plug

    Sorry I Have a Tesla 70D and I know for a Fact that this Race is not Real I smoke all Fords including this slow blue ford stop lying on YouTube buddy I can race you with my Tesla 70D and we all can see you lose lololol

  2. im miata mike

    Everyone calm down… these cars are 2 different class. The Focus is a small high HP AWD hatch with big brakes and sport seats… Jesus. No shit the Focus would win. But they used non performance Tesla. So what's the big deal? Everyone stfu

  3. Mic Mag

    The cars seem to have been put up against each other as they both have similar 0-60 times 70D Tesla quoted 5.2(actual 4.9) and the Ford RS quoted 4.6 The Tesla has less horsepower and weighs 700kg more!!! an amazing feat to keep up with this little beast. The 70d is the equivalent of a small engine 6 cylinder 7 series in the Tesla line up, not a performance model by any means but more so a gentleman's car. In saying that it is still a very fast car. As Elon Musk says: "At Tesla, we don't make slow cars"

  4. PinoyAmerican Adventures

    All these Ford fans and Tesla haters see the focus RS win a drag race against a 2 ton family car and automatically act like Ford just accomplished something significant. Congratulations, your sport tuned focus just beat the slowest Tesla. Woohoo! The Tesla is twice the price and also twice as heavy. If the Focus RS beat a P85, P85D, P90D, or P100D, then maybe all that shit talking is worth something. But at the enD of the day it's still a focus. There are street bikes that also cost and weigh 1/3 of the Focus, but will demolish both vehicles on this video. And anyone that thinks that that dying lawn mower sound the RS makes sounds good, please do not ever breed. Keep your ignorance to yourself please.

  5. papavalesRS

    0-100klm/h is the advantage of every elecric car, because of the instant torgue. At 0-100km race even a 200hp awd car would lose by 1-2 cars from a veyron. So this video advertise the tesla, but car guys knows that most races start after 100km(when elecric cars dies cause of the lack of gears). I like how prius guys exciting with how good could keep up the slowest tesla at a 90m race lol Whats next 20m race a Laferrari vs human?

  6. jrzez

    LOL, that little RS spanked a car significantly more money than it, and sounded better doing it the whole time. Answer, tweet musk to send the even more expensive model to teach it a lesson. That'll learn the petrol head Focus boy. Then we'll play fair and put a GT-R up against it and it'll look better, sound better, and run better. Fuck your trees elon.

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