Doom – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

Find out if the Doom experiences translates to the Nintendo Switch with our in-depth review that discusses both docked and handheld forms!
Review by Tom McShea:
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38 Replies to “Doom – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)”

  1. Landon Stewart

    Alright, buddy. If you think it's ugly then what are you doing to fix it! This is an excellently crafted port and the fact that you call it ugly is just extremely arrogant. Also, I love how you are mainly addressing xbox and PS4 players for a Nintendo "SWITCH" console. Why don't you just shut the hell up. Terrible review.

  2. Chris Nichols

    Good review, I am imagining that you have a background in journalism the word choices expressed definitely feel pull quotable.

    The only thing I would say is that for me the pacing lols are welcome after long battles due to the fact that it creates a mental recovery period for adrenaline and dopamine to reset, otherwise the game would be such a mental grind that players would feel exhausted. But this is an editorial so it’s a subjective to each their own type video.

    Great job, keep up the great work!

  3. supercommando440

    Save anytime? Is there a MAP? Waypoint indicator? Menus are meant to break up the action. Nobody wants to upgrade weapons, etc in real time while enemies are attacking. Cripes, sounds like you’d hate a pause button.

  4. Alice the Memelord

    to be fair, there are guns I didnt use a whole lot. Most of the game, I got away with only using the super shotgun most of the time. The only time I used EVERY weapon was during the final boss fight.

  5. 7_Doc_0_Lek_3

    This review & the reviewer himself sucks…btw this aint a review, more like bashing it….bet u if it was call of duty, you'd give it a 10/10 like the rest of these cuckolds….fuck you..DOOM4Life

  6. NintenSnow Stuff

    Also dude, if you can navigate some simple adventure style level design, with a compass LITTRALLY POINTING to the next goal point (that can can be turned off, by the way), then there's something wrong.

  7. NintenSnow Stuff

    I feel bad for panic button cause all these graphics whores keep crapping on their hard work. I'm gonna keep playing the seotch version, it fits my "on the go" life very well. If you don't want it, don't complain about it and respect that it's still a good product. After all, doom is still doom. And this version is playable, smooth, and fun.

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