Doom Console Ports #1 (32X/SNES/GBA) | Punching Weight [SSFF]

A game that needs no introduction, it’s Doom! This is the first of many possible episodes of Punching Weight covering Doom and 90’s FPS’.

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48 Replies to “Doom Console Ports #1 (32X/SNES/GBA) | Punching Weight [SSFF]”

  1. Nicholas Pozega

    Going off the book "Game Engine Black Book: Doom", John Carmack was personally involved in the 32X port of Doom, to the extent that he camped out at the Sega of America building to get it done. The reason for all the cut content was because Sega forced him to rush it so it could be ready for the launch of the 32X. Not to mention the 32X only had 512Kb of RAM, so cutting content had to be done anyways regardless of deadlines.

    "I liked the 32X–it was basically two decent 32-bit processors (SH2) and a framebuffer, so you programmed it like on a PC, but with SMP long before it was mainstream on PC. It was still pretty underpowered compared to even a 386, so resolution was low."
    –John Carmack

  2. LadyVader1138

    This was in June of 2020. I was at my best friend's house and I had my Switch on me and she wanted to see how bad "Go 2 It" is. During this, I managed to beat the infamous map! We both cheered like mad

  3. Dr. Tendo

    Every version has a + and a –
    +: it looked great and you could see what's in the distance
    -: it was missing an episode and awful soundtrack
    +: Epic soundtrack and had the 3rd episode
    -: Graphics were awful and you could not see anything in the distance
    +: Had most of the 3rd episode and a good soundtrack
    -: You can't really see anything in the distance and it was the Jaguar version

  4. lance pelissier

    I read in Nintendo Power that the SNES and SEGA 32X versions of Doom were vitoms of hardware limmets at the time. So the upcoming N64 version of Doom will be the 1st ture video game console version of Doom.

  5. Mr_x 1992

    Played all 3 versions, the 32X and GBA version are close, but the GBA is slightly better, the SNES version is the worst but it was impressive how they fit Doom on a SNES cart

  6. Timothy Thomas

    I've played Doom on the GBA, SNES, 32X, Panasonic 3DO, Atari Jaguar, N64, Sony PS, Xbox 360, and PC.. imho the best ports are on PS1 and Xbox 360 besides the N64 appearing to be in a different class but borrowed the sfx from the PS1 port

  7. Cat and Six Gaming!

    My first experience with Doom was the SNES version. I thought it was awesome. However my second version of it was the Custom Playstation Edition. The difference was night and day. In fact I still play the Playstation version. I like it's soundtrack and lighting.

  8. Nathan C

    As weird as it sounds, I also just discovered I had a fascination with console ports of first person shooters that brought me here. I don't even want to play them, just curious to see what they managed to pull off on the old hardware. I feel like I'm going full nerd, lol. BTW, I remember playing SNES Doom back when it first came out, and it was actually a LOT better looking on a CRTV than these emulators can pull off. I seem to recall there being less input lag, but that was probably just cause I was a kid. I did own the PC version which I played first, and I was surprised the SNES cart was as good as it turned out, though I never owned it myself. I recall their being something special about the RAM in the cart, which may have actually made the gameplay smoother. Maybe it was because of the Super FX2 chip. Could just be because I was still pretty young and hadn't developed any real taste, but I think these emulators can't do the original SNES port justice at all.

  9. Bubbabyte

    What emulator were you using for Super NES Doom? Cuz it looks perfectly fine on the emulator I use. And mind you, I usually emulate games on my PHONE, so that must've been a pretty ghetto emulator that you were using!

  10. SirPuggsly

    Even before the XBLA version, I think OG Xbox had Doom 1 and maybe 2 included with the special edition of Doom 3.

    I had it but its been a long time so I don't remember the exact details. Pretty much just ports of the PC originals.

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