Don't Not Buy The iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro is a smartphone made by Apple for humans in 2019.
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48 Replies to “Don't Not Buy The iPhone 11 Pro”

  1. Edward Harley

    i just bought one. it was the singular worst tech experience of my life…if i so much as put my finger NEAR the screen it will open stocks, Siri, icloud, but will never let me find photos . if i want to cancel the page, i press cancel 6-18 times it will not respond. 
    only ONCE has it turned to the large keyboard by putting the phone horizontal and that was when a friend was showing something to me.
    it asks to verify my email address and phone number which apple has both of, and then when i put in the 6 digit code the require it says number is not correct.. it HIDES. my text message. I love my Apple Mac book pro.

    this is the worst piece of s**t i have ever seen in my life. Tomorrow back to my provider and cancelling entire deal.

  2. Alonte Haywood

    Bruh… Dont give lube to iphone users… The phone sucks TELL THEM THAT!!! TELL THEM WHY!!! Dont get all sensative and open up to what they have to say… WHAT DO THE SPECS SAY?!? Case closed iphone has yet to beat the galaxy s4s camera

  3. Ds Dreamer4200

    Honestly I get what he's saying. That theres people out there who think that having an iPhone makes them better than someone with a android device. Basically hes saying dont buy an iphone if its gonna change your perspective of other people who dont have one.

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