Done Waiting for Tesla Model 3 – NEW Model X is Cheaper!!

Follow on video with more details here:

Tax incentives that apply only to the Tesla Model X make it a better deal than Model 3. Learn the Details here.
Other considerations that were not mention in the video include model X savings due to free super charging and savings on referral program.
Use my code ( link if you don’t have one and save $1000 on the purchase of a new Model X or S.

41 Replies to “Done Waiting for Tesla Model 3 – NEW Model X is Cheaper!!”

  1. M.A. M.R.

    Bullshit video, don't even waste your time. It's basically corrupt tax loopholes invented by greedy assholes who only want to pay 50k for a 100k car. This only works if you're already rich

  2. Troy

    You get a downvote. You can't select the Long Range option for the Model 3. You should have selected Standard Range and AWD for the Model 3. The Model 3 Standard Range AWD has the same range as the Model X 75D. Tesla is sandbagging the advertised numbers but EPA dyno test scores show that these two have the same range. Also, they are both AWD.

  3. Richard Roberson

    lol…yeah…no……this video should be called how to be a lying pos hippy and how to get instantly audited….do you really think nobody is going to notice you claiming a 85k TESLA SUV as a work vehicle? nobody besides an airport/taxi service can possibly claim these as a business vehicle without lying through their teeth… get to deduct any car its just that the x you can claim it faster and possibly in the first year….if you are in the highest tax bracket and you throw the savings into stocks it might save you 4-5k not 30k not remotely not possible never and in the process you open yourself to an audit which you deserve for claiming this is a 100% work vehicle

  4. Water Flow

    I’m eventually gonna get an x but honestly hate the falcon wing doors… it would be cool if Tesla would invest heavily into Graphene and made graphene batteries because they would probably have 2 thousand miles plus range and charge in less than a couple minutes. Graphene is so cool do some research on it.

  5. Zachary Todman

    This video is very misleading, takes alot of liberties and makes assumptions. this is NOT accurate at all. its taking absolutly every possible deduction off a model X and almost none off a model 3.

  6. Raymond Laracuenta

    You are speaking about Youtubers and freelancers. Most people collect a paycheck and cannot get a biz deduction. You also don't need a dual motor 3. So your scenario is not a likely one for more and 10% of the population. The model X is in a different financial hemisphere and is not in anyway cheaper.

  7. Pav Kumar

    Very informative. Thanks.
    Have few questions for you:
    1- Did you get the 75 battery size? Do you feel that's enough? Would like to keep costs down or is it worth it to jump to next higher battery size?
    2- If you deduct 100% in the first year and use car 100% of time for business, the next tax year can you use it personally or do will you have to pay back the deduction based on percentage use for personal?
    3- If you have another older car, you can use that for personal use and make sure that this is only for business when you use it, would that be good way to work that?

  8. fiddlesteven

    With so many people being left out in today's economy and the destruction of the middle class, it's not surprising to see someone with the income to buy a 100 thousand dollar car get a tax savings of $30 thousand dollars that is higher than the income of the majority of Americans income of $30 thousand dollars. And these Americans only get the smaller deduction. I think a lot of people are getting really sick of this fast. November is coming. If you can afford a $100 thousand dollar car, you don't need a tax deduction. The guy with the $35 thousand dollar model 3 does.

  9. Ben Davis

    just write off miles using the standard mileage deduction if you use it for partial business use. For example, my leaf costs about 2.5 cents/mile to operate (plus ins., cost of vehicle) and I can write off 56 cents. easy!

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