Dolby Vision on Philips 804/ 854 OLED TV + P5 vs 8K [Interview]

We interviewed TP Vision’s picture quality guru, Danny Tack, to discuss Dolby Vision support and 2019 OLED panel on the new Philips 804 & 854 OLEDs. He also explained why Philips TV is not launching an 8K display at the time of this interview.

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34 Replies to “Dolby Vision on Philips 804/ 854 OLED TV + P5 vs 8K [Interview]”

  1. Demon Returns

    This lying mutherfucka hahahahaha lol

    I mean really? Their 4K tv is as sharp as an 8k TV? I mean does it take a rocket scientist to tell people that 8K with its 33 million pixel capability vs 4k with its 8 million pixels is sharper? lol…. wowzers. Panasonic chose the wrong idiot to speak for its product.

    With all that said if I was buying anything 8K I would want it to be a projector where one can easily do sizes of 100 inches+ without having to take out a mortgage to buy like the TVs that are still too very expensive.

    If I was Vincent during this interview I would've reached out and slapped the shit out this dude for lying and just walked off stopping the interview short

  2. Gareth Stanton

    You can add Dolby Vision by firmware update. Do the processors in the 2018 models have insufficient capacity to carry it, or are you just lying through your teeth about requiring a Dolby Vision chip.

  3. Curtis B

    "Doing Dolby because they let us use the name but change the picture and add (possibly crappy and picture modifying) processing so that our version of "Dolby Vision" isn't what the director/mastering team intended." Could be a good thing but certainly sounds like some sort of marketing department "motion Smoothing" and "vivid" BS the way he is presenting it.

  4. MaZEEZaM

    The more I see of Philips offerings this year the more I am interested in buying one, I would Really like to see a comparison with Panasonic's best tv's. I am still trying to find out from Philips whether these new sets will be available in Australia because as it currently stands they don't sell any of their 4K tv's into the Australian market, only their cheap Full HD models which I am not interested in.

  5. ricardo clemente

    Difficult question: can a Dolby Vision / HDR 10+ TVs make some diference by watching old movies like Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Back to the Future? Those movies were not filmed with this technology incorporated in their cameras… please someone help me on this one. Thanks!

  6. Wes Hicks

    How can Danny Tack call himself a picture quality guru and yet he touts extra processing such as artificial sharpening (Detail Decreaser should be the actual name), noise reduction (Fine Texture Eliminator) and digital contrast enhancements (might as well call it Clipping/Crusher Banding Enhancer). Clearly this is something that can't be disabled on the Dolby Vision Bright mode as this was part of the deal Dolby made with Philip's so they could add Philips to the growing list of TV manufacturers supporting the format. This does a complete disservice to those enthusiasts that value true picture quality and not gimmicky digital tricks which nearly always result in loss of detail. Dolby should be ashamed if they value true picture quality. Vincent should have at least asked him how these "features" of the P5 would not crush, clip, erase and mask detail like so many of the sets he has reviewed in the past with these features enabled. That is a total failure from a respected TV guru interviewer like Vincent. One more thing, for this guy to claim that his P5 processing on their 4K sets can outperform the latest 8K sets as far as, and I quote, "everything, including the sharpness" is beyond ridiculous as well as absurd if it wasn't so damn funny. That in and of itself is misleading at best and an out and out lie at worst. An 8K source cannot fully resolved on ANY 4K TV regardless of processing. And a 4K source with proper upscaling (including all the AI enhancements that all the manufacturers of 8K televisions tout) has been always at least marginally better and sometimes substantially better than the best that 4K has to offer according to those reviewers that I trust. To me this "guru" from Philips cannot be trusted and therefore the questionable decisions that Philip's has made regarding picture quality enhancements (especially with regard to their P5 chip) should be enough for any true picture quality enthusiast to look elsewhere.

  7. Peter Homa

    Way to make your 2018 sets obsolete "no, it's all on chip". Vincent – what about different picture mode with DV, without additional processing done by Philips? Will the user be able to customize their "DV Bright" mode in regards to sharpness, motion smoothing etc?

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