DOJ charges Huawei with fraud, seeks extradition of CFO

CNBC’s Deirdre Bosa and Kayla Tausche report on the Department of Justice’s indictment of Huawei for fraud and stealing trade secrets.

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29 Replies to “DOJ charges Huawei with fraud, seeks extradition of CFO”

  1. Sean Martin

    I can't believe how many people are turning this into a racist and anti America argument. Seems people are forgetting how racist China is and how the Chinese government locks up their own citizens and foreigners without giving any reason to anyone, and how the Chinese government suppresses minorities in China, turns entire villages into fake tourist destinations for the Chinese peoples entertainment while enslaving the minorities to act out shows dictated by the Chinese government. Have any of you looked at the social credit system the Chinese government has! If Meng has nothing to hide and has done nothing wrong then she will have a chance to defend her self, wait and see what comes out of the charges. So far I think she has been treated very well by comparison to the Canadians locked up in China. She's sitting in her multi million dollar home in a country she isn't even a resident of yet can own which China would never allow a foreigner to do or have. I am sure she has broken laws, its a matter of how many and whether or not they are connected to the current allegations. How else would she have managed to buy several properties in Canada and other parts of the world when there are laws restricting how much money a person can take out of China. If people like China and Huawei so much go live there and see how you feel about it after living under the laws and oppressive government there. I think everyone needs to sit back and wait to allow the courts to decide, at least in a democracy there is some chance of getting a open and fair trial, especially when it is so public. Canada did follow it's obligation to up hold a law and it would be a huge mistake to cave to pressure from China, if they did the Chinese would always know they can bully Canada. At least in America and Canada you can make change to government and do have it within your reach to change how the country is but not by spouting out a lot of garbage about Trump, how great Huawei phones are or how cheap they are when one of the reasons they are cheap is because of the lower labor costs, Chinese government backing when the real issues have nothing to do with what phones sells better. I like that the Chinese government can't force anyone to release her, they're not use to having to play by the rules or not being able to dictate, and maybe they do have something to hide or why are they so determined to get Meng back before she has to face the charges! Huawei has been under suspicion of spying for years in Canada, and has access to Canadian networks because some greedy politicians and their buddies did a deal and while the deal was going done in China the lead persons laptop was stolen with all his passwords and other confidential information that was sensitive to the government of a province in Canada, likely stolen by some spy posing as a hooker some Chinese official lined up to entertain his foreign guests, and if you don't think that crap goes on over in China you have never done any business there. the Chinese have a saying "If you can cheat and get away with it then why not" right!

  2. Google User

    Seriously, the charge is not strong enough for extradition. All that can be proved is misrepresentation. If it does not rise to fraud level it will not be strong enough. Many banks and companies have violated sanctions, have not seen this kind of dramatic act of arresting the officer of a company because of company's violations. What is different here? Does US law enforcement discriminate based on national origin too?

  3. Argibon A

    Pay attention…they use the word "allegedly" on every charge. These are made up charges for non crimes. Rule of Law lol DOJ and FBI are the most corrupt organizations on the planet. That is why the American justice system is broken. Alleged crimes lol guilty until proven innocent. Think and listen to what they say and how they spin it.

  4. Argibon A

    The reason they are going after Huawei is because China has all of Hillary and parties emails. These criminals are doing this as leverage. They want China to either turn over the emails or send a message to China, keep what you have quiet or we will do everything we have to do to destroy you. RR is a "CRIMINAL" Lawyer of the worst kind. China should just say FU and publish everything and watch these clowns drown.

  5. Doug Reimer

    The Chinese regime is not our friend or ally.they are an ideological competitor and the Russians their long term goal is to weaken and undermine our political system.Threats take many forms, advancement in tech is one.Only a fool would give the enemy leverage.Dirty politics??..of course it is..but that's war….do you want to trade your freedom for a phone?

  6. Great Guy

    CNN = China National Network
    CNBC = China National Business Collaborator

    How many of the commentators got pay from China? There are over 10 million Red Cyber Army.

    So many naive Americans try to destroy our country, just because they dislike President Trump.

    Really sad!
    Wake up my dear fellow freedom protectors.


    Oh US, how low have you gone, from silent economic distabalisation to openly announce a new president, from accusations of breaking US sanctions to accusations of fraud. When will you admit for JFK's assassination? When will you tell your people of the suffering you caused around the world just to keep few people rich.

  8. mR JoHnnY

    It's so funny here.
    When America creates new technology is ok, when others create new technology is not ok?
    If American companies can't compete with others, then arrest high officials as leverage.
    When American companies outsource overseas, people complain about other countries stealing American jobs?
    When American enjoy high standard living and lay on the beach, don't forget other people are working three shifts non-stop.
    When American enjoy clear air, water, sunlight, don't forget other people are wearing masks each day.
    When American shipping the plastics &wastes overseas, other countries have to take care of it.
    When American companies gain the most profits from international trade, others only have 1% of it.
    When American sell movies in other countries as high ground value, don't forget your own history. By the way, Where are the native Indians? Are they just disappeared?
    Think about that!!!

  9. flower flower

    as a filipino . huawei does not violate any rules it is just a strategic plan of your president Donald trump to threaten China. here is the thing that USA president must considered you will lose to china in all aspect machinery and weapon wise . china has access to all new technology that's why china wanted to become a worldwide manufacturer to access technology. i believe trump is a true business man but In my opinion he is not an effective president. this is only based on what a read and watch on the internet .

  10. Sortec Ly

    Kim Dotcom – "US Empire charges Huawei for crimes that US Empire has committed for decades. US spies on the world, steals secrets, ideas and contracts (including from allies), supports corrupt regimes as long as they buy US weapons and is the record holder in breaking international laws and treaties. FUSE!" 
    This DOJ/FBI accusation is purely a political hit job on Huawei. Sound familiar? If you trust the DOJ and FBI you deserve all the injustice they dish out that affect you.

  11. David Hynes

    Many chinese anchor babies and Chinese trolls here that cannot accept the truth, China cancer of the world. I hope the UsA and China trade no more, US should trade with sensible countries.

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