Does Nintendo Switch Have Better Launch Games Than The Wii U?

Nintendo Switch VS Wii U Launch Titles. What Games Does The Switch have on release and in the first year? Does The Switch have a better Launch Game line up than the Nintendo Wii U? Nintendo Switch Advertising is already better than that of the Wii U, that plus all the Games for The Switch, Is Nintendo FINALLY going to hit hard with The Switch? Zelda Breath Of The Wild, Bomberman R, 1-2 Switch, I Am Setsuna and more!


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Does Nintendo Switch Have Better Launch Games Than The Wii U?

31 Replies to “Does Nintendo Switch Have Better Launch Games Than The Wii U?”

  1. mocochang

    Might be an unpopular opinion, but from my personal experience Super Mario Bros. U easily beat the launch games on the switch. It wasn't just a new Super Mario Bros., to me it was the best entry in the series ever since Super Mario World on the SNES. It was just so good. I actually bought the Wii U very close to its release specially for that game.
    Meanwhile BOTW came out for both consoles, so I actually know quite a few people who simply bought it for the Wii U and waited until Mario Odyssey came out to finally buy the switch. I did the same thing, because I didn't really feel compelled to get the console until Mario Odyssey was out.
    So to me and to many people I know who already had the Wii U, the launch titles on the switch did nothing. The only people I know who bough the switch before Mario Odyssey's release were the ones who did not own a Wii U prior to the switch's release (I happen to work on an environment where nearly everyone plays videogames and have multiple consoles, btw).

  2. Roorup

    I find his little side note towards the end amusing, he clarifies that he thinks that the switch will do better in its first year that the wii u did in its first year, not that the switch will outsell the wii u in its first year. BUT IT DID!

  3. Aurelia Lucinus

    Honestly, I had no idea a switch or wii U even existed though it had probably been constantly advertised for years. The only reason I even batted an eye was because Bayonetta is exclusive to it and I so desperately want to play it.

    The only problem is I don't see the point in buying the console for one game. Well, actually two: Stardew Valley & Bayonetta. Most games I do like from Nintendo are either available on the (3)DS or xbox.

  4. SierraKobold

    I love how many times SMT5 is mentioned being released in '17, though it breaks my heart its not yet released I had no idea there was a scheduled or at least sufficiently promised '17 of SMT5

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