Does it REALLY WORK? Tesla Smart Summon Tesla – Model X

Tesla software update v10 finally released with Smart Summon! Today we give it a try in a busy parking lot. Sorry about the shaky camera today!


Camera: Sony a6000

176 LED light panel

Hard Drive

Battery Extender Grip


SD Card


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20 Replies to “Does it REALLY WORK? Tesla Smart Summon Tesla – Model X”

  1. Matt.

    BTW if you try it in public roads,or even on streets because tesla calls it a public road so you cant use it on public roads but can be used in the garage or in parking lots as long as its not a public road.(JUST SAYING)

  2. smichelsen

    Is that road with the stop sign considered part of the parking lot? Or a city street? Good thing you were walking with it; if it ran the stop sign and got into an accident – ouch!

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