DJI Tutorials – Osmo – Quick Tips – Timelapses

Learn how the Osmo helps to streamline the process of creative, captivating Time-lapse video with the simple push of a button.

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26 Replies to “DJI Tutorials – Osmo – Quick Tips – Timelapses”

  1. mujtaba ali

    ami the only one who is having this problem …each time i set the osmo on time laps it keeps moving between the images ,very slight movement of the gimple happens with the wind ,ive tried allot of ways by slowing speeds of gimbul but its still there …..plz anyone and suggestions

  2. Gordon Tickle

    Yah Right, I bought the Osmo plus with all accessories, what a load of junk, Beautifully engineered and well made but using it is a nightmare, today I undated the firmware as per instructions, the software is junk, I have voice out of sync and I am using the Osmo provide mic the card that came with the kit all DJI stuff, the recording indicator light is way to small and can not be seen outdoors, the auto focus is slow and the auto lighting is total rubbish with dark videos, all in all a total waste of money I wish I had never bought the damned thing. I wrote to DJI customer service and what did I get back! A list as long as my arm of things for me to try out, just short of me going to their factory and building my own camera, totally unsatisfactory back up.

  3. Chuck Purnell

    There is always that one person that has to stop and ask you questions while your trying to film something! Smh! LOL! 1:09 in the video! Happens to me all the time when I am flying my DJI Phantom 3 Pro.

  4. Logan Drayson

    How about adding some information about the settings. Like pictures/sec and video length time. Lets dig a little deeper as this is the only real place we can get info on how to use this machine.

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