DJI Tutorials – Inspire 2 – Flight Prep

Now that you’ve unboxed your new Inspire 2 it’s time to get it ready for its maiden voyage! Find out how in this helpful video.

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19 Replies to “DJI Tutorials – Inspire 2 – Flight Prep”

  1. Mark Ehlert

    I invested a lot of money into this and it didn’t even come with the power cable! In addition to other usb cables that are needed! Very upset about this as it should have been included, so I can actually charge everything and put it to work. Not good!

  2. Jack Bisson

    Ty I would think you would train people to hold the Inspire 2 in the air with one hand on one of the center arms and then press the power button 5 times to exit Travel mode with the other hand. This way it reduces stress on the motor / landing gear assembly. Also, tipping the Inspire 2 on its tail landing gear to install the gimbal is again putting unnecessary stress on the motor / landing gear assembly. If the Inspire 2 is on the ground, you should just bend over and get on your knees to install with both hands taking care not to put stress on the Inspire 2. If the Inspire 2 is on a table or your car, you can just use two hands to install the gimbal. The Inspire 2 should be on all landing gear when installing the gimbal. I am just trying to keep the motor / landing gear in tip top shape over the life of the machine. These are vital connection points and need to be handled with care.

  3. paul Smith

    You have to push once and then again and hold to turn the drone off or on. which is different from changing to and from transport mode. He should of made that clear.

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