DJI Spark vs DJI Mavic Air vs Ryze Tello Comparison (SURPRISING RESULTS)

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I’ve tested the DJI Spark vs the DJI Mavic Air – both in 1080P at 30fps, in normal colour profile, no filters, no color grading – all clips come straight from the SD card. The results have been surprising and even a bit underwhelming! I’m definitely going to look into this and see why the Mavic Air’s footage had such bad quality.
What are your impressions from your Spark/Mavic Air? Please let me know in the comments below! Thank you!

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22 Replies to “DJI Spark vs DJI Mavic Air vs Ryze Tello Comparison (SURPRISING RESULTS)”

  1. Captain Tobias

    I don't own a Spark but I own the Mavic. I believe the Mavic has a different camera to the Spark. Your video from the Mavic looks over exposed. You can correct this by mounting a ND filter. I believe that if you've used an ND filter on the Mavic, your shots will be far far superior to the Spark.

    BTW, the Mavic camera requires focusing whereas the Spark may not?

  2. Luca P

    Missleading video,you should have show different scenario, also is the only video rev. where the air footage look so bad, my mavic air make amazing footage, almost like the mavic 2 that i got this summer, but as more professional havemore flat pres., the spark is like a toy, so is made for who just take the footage and use it without grading exet.

  3. Diving Dash!

    Even if you don't compare spark vs mavic air…spark in this video is awesome… yesterday I wish to upgrade my spark to mavic air or pro but My wish already gone now. All I need is sparky, its beyond my expectation

  4. Jonathan D Photography19

    Tello yes it has a similar flight control since DJi did make the flight control but its not even in the same gategory then the spark or mavic with the longer flight time….. Between spark and mavic mavic has more flight time but spark is more portable ….

  5. L S

    Not shooting the air in 4k is the main reason the quality is bad. The air is made to shoot 4k. Why hold back? My Sony a7rII 4k footage looks a lot better than it's 1080 footage. The 1080 footage looks soft. So to my point, I'm sure the footage will look a lot better when shooting in 4k

  6. Marc Trainor

    I thought I read in the comments that you said the Air footage was 4k. If that's right, I'm stunned at how much clearer and richer color, (sharper video) the Spark seems to have over the Air. Please tell me I'm wrong, and that you were only shooting 1080 with the Air. But even if you were shooting 1080 with Air, why would it not be as sharp? Hmmmmm. I have the Mavic Pro., which I love so far, but I may get the Spark for being less obtrusive and as a smaller form factor, plus just plain fun. Marc.

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