DJI SPARK still worth it in 2019?

Should you get the DJI Spark in 2019? Is it still worth it after being on the market for a little while? This video goes into the pros and cons of the DJI Spark with the other drones on the market.



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32 Replies to “DJI SPARK still worth it in 2019?”

  1. 124 Spider

    I think the Spark is sufficient for the Novice like myself fir occasional use who just want to cover some holiday shots or footage. Then it would sit in the drawers for some time before being used again. For those people i'd say…. just get the Spark.

  2. Family Steel

    Hi, I'm kinda new to the drone family. I've had a tello for a while, and after I got comfortable and or decent at flying…decided to upgrade to a spark. But, I'm having some issues with the set up. I've watched these videos over and over, but with the controller, I'm getting no difference from distance or height than I get with my phone. Also the video and pictures are not as good as the tello media. Can someone help me understand what I'm doing wrong. Thanks in advance, beginner droner.

  3. Silas Woodward

    I own a spark had it for a year now and as you said in the video @Jeven Dovey I the 2 axis gimble is a big problem for me I wish I would have considered the DJI Mavic Air when buying my first drone

  4. Raspusleroy Jones

    I love my spark as long as I control via a OTG Cable. But as far as how it does? Im happy with only 69 full flights now. I would like some day to upgrade but price is a factor, experience is a big factor, and your own ability to control it. Price Control is the key to most of us out here. You you buy a Bentley as your first car and learn how to drive it? I do not think so! Buy small work into bigger things as you grow better in experience. Have a Quality Day

  5. MannyCAM

    Yep, used to love your channel but it was the Spark that drew me here. Not everyone has the Hollywood, commercial mentality that you're expressing here.. Some of us love the Spark for the fun, ease of use, rugged construction and most of all affordability that the little Spark offers. I own 2 Sparks and don't plan on investing on an expensive replacement. And yes if I were starting a business, I would be a fool not to invest in a much more capable drone. For the very reasons you pointed out. But you know what, I would probably still prefer flying my Spark on my days off. My friend when flying in public places, size does matter.  I think your title should be "Why I wouldn't buy the Spark in 2019"And not why others shouldn't buy it. I am glad I tuned in though, not for your professional reasons for NOT buying the Spark, but to actually see the ton of comments from drone pilots who still love this most capable little beast. Thanks for sharing

  6. mattitech07

    I don't know the reason why the spark is so Underestimated, but isn't true, if you can use it and trust it, it can be a professional drone. I bought it Recently and I love it, if you won't buy a Mavic for the price the spark can Do almost the same things, I Never mind to 4k or other useless Surface feature

  7. captain scoop

    I think i could handle Phantom and other high end drone but i am really happy with my spark it is tiny and easy to fly and can do what you want to do but i agree battery may be the constrain but if you buy supplementary that may fix the issue.I am happy with spark (4 years).

  8. Michael Ryan

    Dude. I don't know about America, but in my country, the Air costs literally more than twice as much as the Spark. Yes, the Air is better in many ways, and yes, it (or the Mavic Pro) is definitely an upgrade I will be making at some stage, but for a beginner drone user like myself I'm not able to justify spending twice as much on my first drone, especially when most people are going to inevitably crash their first. Plus, I was able to get the Spark on a payment plan with my cell phone provider, so it's costing me $20 a month right now, whereas I would have had to front up nearly $1600 for the Air (in order to get it with a controller)

    There are still plenty of reasons why the Spark is worth getting for a beginner pilot.

  9. rocheuro

    spark = excelent contrast and color out of the box, not necessary to have terabytes of storage and 8 cores for 4k footage, 1080p is amasing on this thing., AIR – much more post production if light isn;t perfect., much more space for 100mbit 4k, computer with lots of processing power, and color are mushy and dull out of the box (if weather is poor or sun backlit scenes), besides 2x price difference.. spark is king for best for buck / performance / beginner / (kind of) semi-pro drone. Amasing value now. So kind of what you said at 3:57 , dont know why so many dislikes.. that's just your point of view 🙂

  10. NotOfThisWar

    See, I am at this moment debating about getting the spark, all I wan't it for is some cool pictures of around areas where I go hiking. All I have ever used before were cheaper drones with very bad video quality and very short flight time and yeah, The spark for the price does have to short of a flight time. I am picky when it comes to money and the price of things and honestly I am super iffy about dropping $400 on the spark just because that is a crazy high price to me let alone going much higher in price. I plan on ordering the spark here in a week or 2 using my paypal credit because its really the only way I can afford getting one considering its close to the price of my truck payment

  11. Maranga Njoroge

    Different strokes for different folks. Spark and Mavic air are not in the same class though. I have both the spark and mavic air . Mavic air definitely gives better value but costs alot more. Spark is an alternative for a less demanding/novice pilot/photographer. But that it does not fold is just appalling 🙁 You have to carry it in a 'briefcase'. The spark still has its place though for users who use it once every few weeks. If you carry a drone daily to the field, save up for a mavic air.

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