DJI Spark Still Worth Buying In 2019? Update After 2 Years! – TheRcSaylors

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After nearly two years of owning a DJI Spark (Yes, we bough one back when they were nearly $1,000 for the drone itself and the transmitter, plus a couple extra batteries) which now costs less than half of what it used to, we are in love with the thing. Of all the drones we’ve featured on our channel, at least of the high end drones, it’s holding a solid tie for first with the Hubsan Zino in our opinions. The Spark has got to be one of our most trustworthy, and reliable quadcopters, of which we would feel very confident to pass the controls over to anyone with a pulse. Possibly the easiest drone to fly under $500, backed by the most well known drone company out there, the Spark holds it’s own in 2019 as a very strong camera platform against the competition. Two solid thumbs up from us! Let us know what you guys think in the comments below! Will we see a Spark 2 this Summer like Nate predicts?

Buy the DJI Spark here –

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45 Replies to “DJI Spark Still Worth Buying In 2019? Update After 2 Years! – TheRcSaylors”

  1. Chito Reyes

    RcSaylors, I heard the voice messages during the take off it says – "please check it on the map" Was it from DJI Go 4 App? I have my DJI Spark and used to fly it thru DJI Go 4 , but I didn't hear that voice messages though I wanted to have that in mine. Can you help me? Thanks!

  2. Chrono Trigger

    Spark still worth it mid 2019?
    For fun or personal use? Sure.
    For professional use. No.

    The zino is 4k at the same price point. Get the zino.

    The fimi is $50 more than the zino but has the exact same camera specs as the mavic pro 1 at half the price.

    Best 4K drone under $500 fimi
    Best 4K drone under $400 zino

    Heck the yuneec Q is better than the spark. Granted it’s had 2 years to catch up.

  3. Wesley S.

    Another great video as always. You said you would switch out between the DJI Spark and the Hubsan Zino. If you had to pick one, which one would you buy and why. Keep up the good work and congrats on your baby daughter.

  4. TheBestGame Reviews

    I have DJI Spark and after 2 years yes it worth it to buy because its one of the smallest drones out there and easy to carry camera quality is awesome even 1080p I want to buy marvic 2 pro but still will have my Spark with me wont sell it it is to precious to me now i got 1 more battery for it

  5. TheBestGame Reviews

    I have DJI Spark and after 2 years yes it worth it to buy because its one of the smallest drones out there and easy to cary camera quality is awesome even 1080p I want to buy marvic 2 pro but still will have my Spark with me wont sell it it is to precious to me now i got 1 more battery for it

  6. bobchiggs

    Excellent video. Actually shows at length what the Spark does – unedited. Especially side panning without the third axis gyro which all I hear is talk without actually seeing what it does
    I am a professional helicopter pilot and have had encounters with drones while flying. I don't want to cause trouble or spoil peoples fun but if I hit one in the air it's MY LIFE and just your cheezy drone. Real pilots like drones too, but not encounters in the air with them.

    Thanks for letting people know to respect airspace.

  7. Serendipity Skyview

    Not worth buying DJI products, for a small drone, the FIMI X8, shoots better video then the Spark&Mavic Air. But the Autel Evo shoots better video then the Mavic2Pro and cheaper let’s say almost $600.00 cheaper then the Mavic2Pro and the Evo gives you a drone a case and two xtra batteries which makes that three batteries for under $1,200.00 with better tech support from Seattle based Autel Robotics.

  8. FLG8R

    to ensure maximum product longevity, ensure the proper orientation when inserting the micro-USB cable to charge the remote controller; learned that the hard way and had to get a new controller for $135; the micro USB cable is inserted into the controller with the flat-side down. i placed a label on the new remote to remind me. It's a bad DJI design where the plug's shape is rectangular and doesn't conform to the outline of the micro USB cable.

  9. The Doc.

    I'm going to get my Spark charged up, updated and go fly it again. Got to like your comments on flying safely. It's an airframe, so you're treating it like you should. I've not found the GPS very good on the Spark, which is why I don't use it much. I also don't use the auto features much. Probably why I fly the DJI Inspire or Matrice drones more. But there has to be something good about just having something ready to 'run and gun' with. There's an old saying about the best camera to use is the one you have with you. I think that's now true of drones as well.

  10. Omar Saleem

    Thanks for this video..I have had my spark for six months and happy with it…I flew a magic pro and as much as I like the magic, the spark is all I need for now…..I suggest that anyone watching purchase the polar xl case for the spark..fits the whole fly more combo and then some..I got mine for $13 on eBay and they retail at $35

  11. High Views

    Spark no doubt is a great drone. Where is your Parrot Anafi review? Quieter, 180 deg. tilt up, excellent wind resistance, outstanding follow me, no altitude hold dip like zino, zoom, 21Mpix camera with excellent sony sensor, complex smart modes in the app. only 320 grams, no obstetrical avoidance, but it is a unique and great drone.

  12. CNCmachiningisfun

    Howdee, fellow flyers, can anyone please tell me what the Spark will do if it disconnects from the transmitter while flying in Optical Only mode?
    Perhaps it simply descends to a landing?

    In satellite mode, it returns to the home point, but I can only guess at what it will do in the absence of a satellite position fix.
    Mine often loses its satellite link, due to limited signal strength on cloudy days, so I have to fly it manually, most of the time.
    That's fine, while the TX signal is faithfully received by the drone, but what if……..
    Thanks in advance 🙂 .

  13. Rick Whitham

    The Spark is here to stay. I fly the spark all the time. I have several DJI drones and the notorious Autel Evo. I always have to get a battery or two of the Spark in. I just have to.

  14. Hoomi2

    I still love my Spark. It takes incredible video, and is small enough that the entire kit fits easily in my carry-on luggage when we fly somewhere. The short flight time is about the only drawback.

  15. Gavin Sparkie Mavic Pro lee

    I still love flying my spark it gets flown more than my Mavic I always pull out the spark first.
    I never use to like the camera glitches in sport mode but now I've got the S10+ it seems well more smoother than it was on my s8 European version.

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