DJI spark speed hack How to step by step using assistant 2

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DJI spark speed hack How to step by step using assistant 2

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34 Replies to “DJI spark speed hack How to step by step using assistant 2”

  1. toly cobbold

    Please help!! I have followed the instructions but when I connect the android phone to the DJI app I’m not getting the location change notice. And still shows all channels. I’m on latest firmware in 2020! Does this hack still work? Thanks I’m advance.

  2. Anthony Campa

    This is awesome! Great job.
    After i did a firmware update a while back, my sport mode stopped working altogether. The switch on the remote no longer turns green. Nothing.
    Do you have an idea on a fix for that? DJI service has been useless.
    Thanks! 👍🏼

  3. Lixx123

    it doesnt look faster it just looks like u changed the numbers. its smth sort of like switching to km which looks faster but its just different measure. unless it really did work and u can see it go faster

  4. i Pilot

    Hey there, great vid. 1 problem, i have an access denied error when i try to save the edit of the MAIN.JS file. I have tried changing permission to WRITE. I am using version 1.0.4 of assistant2 same as you. What is going on ?

  5. JBrock117

    This mod worked out great for me! I went a little further and set my vertical velocity from 3 to 8 and the descent velocity from -2 to -5. It climbs and falls much faster now. The descending is a little shaky but seems to do alright with that value.

  6. Nomad Chad

    Thanks a bunch, I dont see this being too stressful on the machine but I can imagine it could bring the spark out of its flight envelope in many ways. As long as you have some altitude and fly straight at those speeds it should be good. I would like you to try and hit the emergency shut off angle by trying some crazy turns. Also, Is it able to maintain constant altitude while flying at high angles or does it slowly drop? I think I'll try this out, 50Kph is already pretty fast though.

  7. DG Design

    Really useful video!! im interested to know how it afect the battery autonomy,and if i can modify the parameter for incrase them not at their maximum value!
    For example incrase sport_atti_range from 35 to 45 and not 60) let me know!

  8. Barry Pelphrey

    Great hack. I wonder if there is one for the Mavic Air? I got my 4 Hawks working great on my Mavic Air. I went out 16000 ft (a little over 3 miles) and made it back with 5% battery over the weekend. MavicMavic

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