DJI SPARK REVIEW – Best Mini Drone with Camera?!

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DJI SPARK REVIEW – Best Mini Drone with Camera?! Finally, the DJI Spark Drone review is here. We’ve had a lot fun flying this mini quadcopter over the past week – there’s a good chance it makes the list for Best Drone 2019 or Best Drone with Camera 2019. In this video, Jeff walks you through the top 5 best and worst features of this DJI drone. As far as the pros, the new DJI Spark is small, affordable and portable yet impressively capable. It has ActiveTrack and other QuickShots that are really neat and the video quality is pretty good at 1080P30. The Spark drone is also easy to use with plenty of obstacle avoidance features plus it has return to home. Lastly, you can fly it using only gesture controls, which is pretty cool. On the downside, it’s batter life is limited, it’s gimbal is only 2-axis and we would love to have 1080p at 60 frames per second. The DJI Spark drone doesn’t handle wind well either and unfortunately, the base package does not come with a remote controller so you have to use your phone. You’ll most likely need to upgrade to the Fly More bundle, which is another $200 to get an extra battery, remote, etc. So at a $700 price point, the Spark is starting to get awfully close to the DJI Mavic Pro in terms of price. Now DJI Spark vs Mavic Pro is going to be a hot topic of conversation and honestly, the Mavic just a better drone overall. We prefer the DJI Mavic Pro all things considered. We will be following up with a DJI Mavic vs Spark comparison so stay tuned for that. Hope you enjoyed the video.

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35 Replies to “DJI SPARK REVIEW – Best Mini Drone with Camera?!”

  1. Mohammadmahdi ghiji

    I reckon the gesture control fails in your second attempt due to the similarity in your palm color with the background which was dried grasses. Usually, gesture features/recognitions are based on colour gradient variation and edge detection approach.

  2. Brian Morrison

    I just pressed the buy button. I'm excited to learn. When I get good, I want to use it to follow me in my boat on the river. Saying that… Can someone think of a way to get a water proof jacket to put around it like the phantom has? I am so scared I'm going to drown it.

  3. Metalhead 0077

    I just unboxed my fly more combo. Super excited to get the batteries charged and get her in the air. This is my first quality drone hopefully Ill add the Mavic to my collection in a year or so.

  4. Ron Thompson

    Text Dakota had a five year old flute spark, the only thing I don't like, is they don't include a fpv screen, I don't like using a cell phone, for the price they should include a fpv screen, I lovethe spark, but it's out of my budget.

  5. Ting Tian

    Excellent review Jeff! I just have a quick comment on the gesture control: the camera has to be able to "see" a recognizable human face to launch it, or a recognizable face plus palm to give control to the user. In my experience, the camera performs well in these recognizing tasks overall, but it does struggle in the following situations:
    1. back-lit face. camera sometimes won't be able to recognize face
    2. sunglasses. it messes up the eye detection
    3. camera sees user in an angle
    also, when trying to gain gesture control by raising hand, the palm should be slightly off center so that it is not blocking user's face.

    other than these, the gesture control has been awesome for me at least.

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