DJI Spark / Return to Home (Tutorial)

In this video, I demonstrate how and when to use the Return to Home (RTH) feature on the DJI Spark. Recorded Sunday January 28, 2018.

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“Canyon Breeze”
by: Deeyung



Sony A7s II
Sony 16-35mm f/4
DJI Spark
DJI Go 4 App.
Rode VideoMic Pro
GoPro Hero 3+ Black
iPhone 7+










38 Replies to “DJI Spark / Return to Home (Tutorial)”

  1. Nucleus Cyborg

    Had a problem with the return to home feature. I don’t have a launchpad yet but I set the home point, flew out a bit, but when I hit the return to home button the drone ended up landing on the opposite side of the building. Landed in a bush and it took awhile to find. Wouldn’t have found it if the battery hadn’t held out and the light still on. No where near the set home point. What did I do wrong? I live in a condo complex. Picture a dart board. A ring of buildings on the outside a ring on the inside and a bare spot where the bullseye would be. I think maybe all the buildings messed it up.

  2. Random American

    How do you change the optic on your screen? (Grid, grid with diagonals, and the ‘gun sight’ looking one)

    Also, if you’re flying with your phone, and you disconnect mid flight, will it come home or hover?

  3. Andrey Surcek

    Hi Dylan, I am a new user and I just started using my Spark. I like using the active tracker while Im kayaking down river so my question is- Is there anyway to have the Spark come back to me in my kayak automatically (as RTH…return to remote controller) rather than waiting for the first battery warning and then having to stop and fly the Spark manually to my location and to a nearby safe landing spot?

  4. Jim Smith

    Question, newbie here, when I used sport mode and hit return to home it just lands from the spot it is at. Fortunately I tried it in a large field and no consequences. Tried it twice same results Your thoughts

  5. RAPA Ent.

    Great video Dylan!! I have a question; When using the RTH on the RC would you press & hold it down until it starts beeping? Also, while you are flying if you accidentally tap the RTH on the RC doest that cancel the RTH foe that flight? Thanks again as always your video tutorials are awesome!

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