DJI Spark OTG Cable Setup for iPhone

OTG Cable for iPhone (USA)
OTG Cable for iPhone (CAN)
DJI Spark:

Just a quick video showing you step by step how to setup and use an OTG cable with your DJI Spark and your iPhone or iPad.

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44 Replies to “DJI Spark OTG Cable Setup for iPhone”

  1. Around The Verse

    I don’t get it I try yesterday. My remote wont turn green it stays red. I have cable but so far fly only on wifi as I cannot get them connected without wifi. What do I do wrong why my remote wont go green without wifi

  2. Rj

    I just purchased Dji Spark this week and two (2) OTG cables came in box. (1) Micro USB to Micro USB and (1) Micro USB to Micro USB-C. They supply two cables in the Dji Spark Controller Combo.

  3. Grey Esparas

    Hi i would like to ask what if during flight, the otg cable disconnected maybe on phone or on the rc. Will the drone automaticaly rth on specific location you wish it to come home. Im using an android phone. Tia

  4. ColinJ

    Huge thumbs up to you! Kinda unfortunate that DJI may void if using a OTG cable, but I'd still get one anyways. It helps to simplify all the possible connection errors and whatnot. I love this video, straight and to the point. Much appreciated! 🙂

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