DJI SPARK KILLER?! – 4K Feima Robotics J.ME Drone Review – Part 2 – Flight Test / Pros & Cons

Enjoy Part 2 of my multi-part review series for the new Spark / Mavic competitor J.ME Drone! Get it here

The J.ME offers some big improvements in flight time and resolution over the Spark but also is just a bit larger and does not have Gesture control or folding propellers. It does however have optical object tracking for follow me and other functions like waypoint flight, voice control and headless mode.

Here’s Part 1 with in-depth unboxing, inspection and setup

Next video will be a range test with extra controller and also by phone only…

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29 Replies to “DJI SPARK KILLER?! – 4K Feima Robotics J.ME Drone Review – Part 2 – Flight Test / Pros & Cons”

  1. Paul Nakdi

    What is that an egg?? Also the takeoff, gimbal, stabilisation, badly cheaply designed controller, colour reproduction, poorly designed app, terrible design that looks cheap and not mainstream also it doesn’t have gesture mode, active track, intelligent flight modes, tripod mode and quick release propellers I will stick with my spark not an egg lol.

  2. Mark Greene

    Hey Dustin , great video . this isn't even close to the spark , and the price , come on ? But anyway your videos on the parrot bebop 2 has helped me make up my mind on my next purchase and ill let you know how it's going . Thanks …..

  3. Urban X

    Thanks Dustin for the great review! I heard you mention that you are not so great with camera settings, that’s me as well. Idea for a review——What is the best video/camera drone , when left on auto settings? I have not been to any photography courses. Thank you!

  4. mehmet can arkan

    I liked j me better but waiting for a spare battery that never came as aftersales support from supplier feima export dept, i guess obtaining a spark spare part could never be such a pain in the neck.. Dear Dustin, could you inform feIma to supply my spare battery as my drone is grounded and cant fly.. Will appreciate so much

  5. john alvarado

    Hi. I have a problem with the drone's battery.
    I press the power button and the drone does not turn on, the battery marks green led and it does not turn off it takes about 18 hours as well. When I insert the battery into the drone, it marks the front power LED in green and does not turn off either. I give it a push to turn on the drone and nothing happens, it just stays green.

  6. Barry Wisell

    I have one of these and it stopped advancing my career stats. Flown it 10+ times and taken many videos. Still shows only 25 mins of flight time and shows no videos taken. Can't get in touch with Feimar. how did you get in touch with them.

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