DJI Spark in 2019 – Is It Still Worth It After 2 Years?

Is the DJI Spark worth it in 2019? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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39 Replies to “DJI Spark in 2019 – Is It Still Worth It After 2 Years?”

  1. Chrono Trigger

    Best 4K drones under $500…

    Fimi $450 same camera specs as mavic pro 1.

    Zino $399 4k video. Not as good as the fimi but same price as the spark.

    Don’t buy a spark. Here in mid 2019 it’s outdated.

  2. Chrono Trigger

    This video is wrong. Well outdated. Here in June 2019 the spark has 2 new competitors, the zino and the fimi. Both 4K drones. Zino has the same $399 price tag and after firmware is great. The fimi is even better for $50 more and has the exact same camera and gimbal specs as the mavic pro 1. Same Sony camera and everything.

    There’s literally no reason to buy the spark now price wise unless you’re just flying for fun, a newbie and really want those sensors. For professional video work there are much better options for the same price point.

  3. mustlovedogs

    One other thing. I will probably go with Autel for my next drone because I like the orange (it can make the difference between finding your drone or not finding your drone) and I do not want to have to use my phone for the screen. I want a remote controller with a nice big screen on it and I want waypoints to be installed at the factory so that I do not have to use a third party app to do that. And I want it BRIGHT ORANGE so I can spot it in a tree or wherever including while simply being able to see it fly from further away.

  4. mustlovedogs

    I have had two of them. The first one I sent on a waypoint mission when it was too windy and it never returned. The second one I sent on a waypoint mission (Litchie) and had one route set at too low of an altitude and it is stuck in a densely wooded area and the foliage (it is June) makes it impossible to fine (I wish I had got an orange one). It is excellent, an amazing bit of technology. Just one thing though. The obstacle avoidance is a joke. That thing does not avoid anything. Other than that, I sure wish I could afford a third one. When I can, I will.

  5. Steven Barker UAS Services

    TBH I am a pfco and out of 3 years I've only been asked to film in 4k once. its no real use on social media so its not a big deal. That being said I do find that you still get better detail when downscaling from 4k to 1080p but as I've sold all my drones and bought a spark just to keep my fingers occupied will have to live With it.

  6. Hoop Dogg

    DJI's Spark drone is a great first time video platform. Its leagues ahead of other drones within its price bracket and delivers great HD footage. I've used one for 2 years in all sorts of situations (high wind, above fast flowing water, inside clouds) and it is yet to let me down. PLUS, if you do crash into something, its extremely well built and will probably survive (if not, parts are cheap and easy to obtain). I highly recommend. Great vid Billy.
    Low light sensitivity needs improving in my opinion. Spark 2?

  7. Robert S.

    I bought my Spark back in November of last year and I love it. No real issues with it other then getting a gimbal overload on one flight but I had a camera hood accessory on and now I don't use it and there have been no other issues. I have had it go out of range several times at just over 4000 ft but I just hit the return to home button and it has come back each time. It is a fun drone and I am looking to upgrade at the end of the year to the Mavic Pro 2.

  8. Dirty Tesla

    Hey thanks for this review. I'm thinking of getting the spark to help with my channel but since I'm still small I'm not sure I'm willing to spend even this small amount of money…we'll see. I don't think I care much about the range…but I might want to chase the car as my wife drives it, lol!

  9. Dana Price

    I started out with a Phantom 2, than I got the Phantom 3 standard. Tried three other off brands like Yunec etc. The Spark is still my funnest one to fly. It’s great for the smaller areas I like to fly in. Put it in tripod and the footage is amazing. Still saving for a Hasselblad but for now it’s a great middle drone. Thanks!

  10. Eric Bates

    One thing that kind of annoys me is people complaining about the range. The law states that it has to remain in line of sight. I do not know any one who can see past a mile. So that make it a mute point. Since the law for unmanned aircraft has changed so that every drone with a takeoff weight more than 0.55 lbs (spark is 0.66 lbs) at has to be registered with the FAA, one has to start to think about all the legal nuances, both short term and long term.

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