DJI Spark in 2018 – Still Worth It?

– DJI Spark –
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– D-LOG M LUT for DJI Mavic 2 Pro:
– Lightroom Summer Preset Pack:



DJI Spark REVIEW after 6 months –

I revisit the DJI Spark to see how it stacks up against its competition and whether it’s still worth buying in 2018. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and how much money you’re willing to spend, but YES – the Spark has enough power for most day-to-day situations which you’ll probably use it for. I still love mine and had a blast flying on the beach with it once again. Hope you guys enjoy!

46 Replies to “DJI Spark in 2018 – Still Worth It?”

  1. juan1573

    Is it normal that when i connect my spark to usb charge the fans turns on and keep going during the whole charge? Even when my spark is at a cool temperature before i plug it

  2. EnvyIt 112

    Just got the spark Feb 8 2019.. upgraded from a parrot bebop i like simple drones camera options i like the camera just to be on and record my flight path more of whats around… this does that so i can feel like i am in a jet with the googles on….

  3. Adrian Hiebsch

    Trust the spark is worth it, I have had it for a year now and I have flown it in Sweden, Hong Kong, Spain, Bali, Finland, Abu Dhabi, Thailand, and I'm bringing it to New York in 2 days, making a travel video! I have just started my channel and ive made my first travel video and new york video coming soon!

  4. Dronediculous

    I've been loving your content. I have the same blue Spark. The Spark is a great drone. Do you think they will put the Osmo Pocket camera on the next drone and call it the Spark 2? I think they should.

  5. Rob Beard

    I like all of your videos and I think they are really good. I cannot understand why you are making a comparison video though as one drone is twice as much as the other, this is like comparing a VW Golf with 150ps to a Golf R with 300ps, twice the price and twice the power.

  6. G M.S


  7. Kevin Higgins

    Nice video of some beautiful scenery. Very informative. I think it has convinced me to make the Spark my first drone purchase. I'm in need of one with extended range to assist in the surveillance of my property to visually see unauthorized dumping, ATV use, encroachment, hunting, etc and capture possible violators on video in real time for possible law enforcement purposes. I know manufacturers tend to stretch the truth when it comes to things like effective usable range and battery life, just to name a few, so what kind of actual experienced range can be expected? I considered using solar powered, wifi enabled cameras but the limited range of a 400 ft max was the main factor in my decision to not go that route, and the lower priced drones have such short range as well. Advice?

  8. Raj Gill

    How old is this drone? Usually vids like this have a product north og 5 years old.. whatever.

    Age regardless, im of the opini9n that its about the best well rounded drone for under $500. Doesnt lack too much in any department but definitely not perfect

  9. TheBestGame Reviews

    Amazing drone this video inspired me to by my spark and so far the best entry level drone in the world I could use it for practice and take good shots I bought Fly more combo pack by the way and will buy 3 more batteries from DJI store directly I just could buy Marvic air our marvic pro but for unexperienced user its dangerous i need training DJI Spark the best drone for training its small and like bug

  10. camf33

    And what was your final opinion? You praised its features but you didn't have your personal conclusion on the device (your title description). I.e. The DJI Spark is still worth a purchase in 2018 or not.

  11. WWPTV

    I lost mine day one of a production shoot. $350 bucks later I am back in the air. Return to home simply did not work. Live and learn. Later a fellow drone owner/client told me their GPS and drone signals do not work in that geographic area and the same thing happened to them. So talk to fellow drone owners, and do not trust AI other than object avoidance if at all possible. You have maybe 12 minutes of use before you need to set it down. And you can adjust the warnings to be less and get you the full 17 minutes. But I would strongly suggest giving yourself a few minutes to land the thing without AI.

  12. Chris Goslar

    Great video. Just purchased a Spark from the Apple Store so that I could play for 2 weeks and take back if I didn't get on with it. I love it. I bought it over the Air because​ of its simplicity, price and not really having the need for 4k video.

  13. Kruger Design

    If you enjoy updating your drone for 2 days then this spark is for you, updates are for the drone then the battery then the controller then your app then 4 for no fly zones, and it starts all over again. connecting to your phone is not a single step, signal distance is pathetic, it will loose sig at 30ft up . disabling NFZ is impossible, in short I will never buy DJI anything again

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