DJI Spark Hands-on Review (Pre-Release Prototype)

The DJI Spark is a tiny little drone, smaller compared to the Mavic Pro – here’s my hands-on of the working prototype.

DJI Spark:

Cymatix: (Premium Beats)

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38 Replies to “DJI Spark Hands-on Review (Pre-Release Prototype)”

  1. Richard Graham

    Good video thanks. That thing is pretty amazing, when you look at how these things have advanced in the past few years it is quite fantastic. Then, when you go back a few years earlier, to be able to get these shots, you would have had to hire a helicopter! Bloody amazing really. Anyone getting up early to catch a quiet sunrise would be pretty pissed off if you ended up near them with that thing. The noise from it must be terrible in a quiet place. Love to see them round my place, it would be great fun shooting it down.

  2. Screen Share

    Everything I looked it up and research it it seems like just expensive toy for kids or someone who just need to do a couple of shoots at Cookout party… I ordered Mavic Pro last night !!

  3. david smith

    This was a good review. Couple things ive found from other vids. FPV and goggles allows the user to fly in simulated cockpit view. The spark doesnt have FPV. And average battery time 12-16 mins

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