DJI Spark Beginners Guide to the CONTROLLER

The Complete DJI SPARK Beginners Guide to the controller. This shows you what every button does and how to link everything together. Watch this and my first guide before you fly to know what everything does in the app and on the controller.

DJI Spark Beginners Guide Part 1:

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27 Replies to “DJI Spark Beginners Guide to the CONTROLLER”

  1. 350 FPS

    Thanks man! I finally got my cable (I got my control a couple of days ago) I'll start flying (with controller) today =D

    I have managed to get some footage to use in my Airsoft videos but I'm sure this will help me to take them to another level (come and check, I would love to have your opinion)

  2. Louis Lokuta

    Quick Question: I just received my remote control (purchased separately) and went through the pairing process etc. successfully. I believe you said there was no cable included with the remote control to connect the remote control to your phone (Android, in my case), and that makes sense since I don't see. BUT, my question is: Do you 100% need the cable to be connected to the phone and the remote during flight if you want to use the remote control? Because I was just able to cradle my phone in the remote control, without a cable, take off, and use the remote control to control the drone. Nothing seemed impacted by not connecting the phone to the remote control via cable, but is there some loss in functionality or something, that i just didn't notice? Or is the cable connection optional? And, which kind of cable is it? Micro USB–>Micro USB? Also, do you have any tutorials on the "Return to Home" feature? I want to understand it fully before attempting to use it. I've had inconsistent results with it, like once when I initiated it, the drone was "within 20 feet" from take off so it just landed right where it was (hovering over a fence), but luckily I was able to abort the landing before it hit it. Thanks. Great content!!!

  3. IamMachines

    Great video. One follow up question, you discussed connecting to the controller wifi in the setup, but during the actual startup procedure you omitted it for the cable. I have an android phone with a cable, but if I'm connected via wifi, the cable for? I cannot connect directly to the controllers via the cable, only wifi. But without knowing what the cable does I dont know if o need to troubleshoot that. Do I need both?

  4. Revolutionary Thinking

    For some reason with my 5s I try to download the DJI 4 go app (previously it work) now it keeps giving me an error message: unable to download app "DJI GO4" could not be downloaded at this time. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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