DJI Spark 2 July 2019 Release ?

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About this video:
In this video Bill from Bill The Drone Reviewer Bill shares with us DJI Spark 2 July 2019 Release ? Bill discusses the information in DroneDJ article called ‘DJI Spark 2 rumors – drone to be released this summer’. Be sure to answer the Question Of The Day.

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43 Replies to “DJI Spark 2 July 2019 Release ?”

  1. Uptin Sinclaire

    With the Spark and Mavic Pro being out of stock in DJI's website there is nothing available for less than $799 (Mavic Air) unless you count the Tello. I would think sonething in the sub $800 range would be coming soon.

  2. Edwin Negron

    how reliable is this drone news of the Spark 2? You said it was cancelled according to them and now I hear from a highly reliable source said this is not true? Are they just looking for click bait viewers?

  3. Lovish Bharat

    i want my gorgeous spark 2 to have at least 2k 60fps…..bigger sensor…..4k 30fps…..240fps slo mo…..atleast 20-25 minutes flight time….a lil big controller for adjusting bigger phones which are mostly 19:9 these days……and phone holding bracket on top of controller nt on lower side as there is risk of falling the phone down especially the bigger ones….and omni directional obstacle avoidance….and last bt nt least 5km range and 499$…?

  4. Edwin Negron

    thank you for the information, do you think they would do a firmware update on the original spark to improve some of the current features after all? I know the batteries are not compatible and we cannot upgrade the gimbal either.

  5. Sébastien

    If it's still 500 bucks for what is just an upgrade then the Anafi is a much better option for a couple hundred dollars extra. At the time of the Spark 1 there was no real competition. Now there are both from France and China.

  6. Caradellino Wazer

    Nice of DJI to remember the Spark, but the lack of 25fps support makes it a less than optimal choice for Europe and other PAL regions. Those improvements won't make me upgrade, the one selling point for me would have been breaking the 250g barrier (with all the up coming regs EASA has in stock for us), which we are not going to see. Too bad, a forgiven chance, if you ask me.

  7. amvetvn

    What is the deal with the upgraded camera? Not everyone is a professional photographer.. I enjoy my videos but I don’t really need the camera upgrades I would prefer better Wifi and folding arms. If you want great video there are other drones out there that can give you 4K .

  8. iSonic

    i think if these spects are correct it's a useless upgrade. spark is perfect as it is and for what it is! i have never had connection issues, get 2-3 km range, have all mavic pro flight modes incl waypoints! the new spark will have geofencing at its best which will make flying near airports impossible! dji nfz mostly don't match local regulations. my spark however flies near airports perhsps because i never updated past 701 fw. i have a license so i only fly according to local regulations. so as of now it's probably best to focus on parrot anafi, a real work- horse. i don't think 3 axis gimbal and 4 k on the spark 2 is worth switching!

  9. Peter Caspar

    DJI must fix the reliability issue for the Spark 2. There were simply too many ESC, Speed- and Compass errors with the current model, resulting in none pilot error run aways. I am never confident flying my Spark because of these issues and DJI never addressed nor fixed this problem. Hopefully they get it right with the new version.

  10. Ron Brown

    It would be great to have an updated Spark for summertime activities, something that would be easy to take with you to summer cook-outs. Thanks for sharing this information with us.


    My best wishes to you and your whole family bill we like you, well I have a red spark excellent condition I have five batteries charger everything that came with where can I sell it Selling it for 525 Bill

  12. Deacon B

    I love the Spark. I flew one full speed into a radio tower, it bounced off a couple levels, composed itself and hovered in place. I hated selling it but the range and battery life were horrible, and it would go atti-mode at least once a flight day. If they meet these specs I’d buy a Fly-More Combo 1st day.

  13. Isaac LaRock

    Hey Bill. should I buy the current spark, or wait until they release the spark 2.0? If I wait for the Spark 2.0, I want to be absolutely sure they will release it. You think it's pretty much guaranteed that they'll release it?

  14. Steve Carpenter

    Hey Bill, yes I remember it being discussed during the live show. Now let’s see if this is going to be released especially in the time that’s discussed in the article. I’m not holding my breath after all the problems DJI has gone through last year and into this year with suppliers and employees. Their biggest challenge will be having new supplies for this new drone and drones for future releases. Thanks, take care!

  15. michael mcdonald

    Hi Bill
    As I have said before I am ready to buy. But if the spark 2 is just going to be a tweak ,then I would rather go to a mavic air
    My reason is that I want the rear sensor and active trac.
    I feel that the spark should be for the non part 107 flyers. And maybe
    Mavic for 107 certified. Eventually the FAA will intervene in all drones activity and call all the shots(as they should) I want my 107. Not to get paid money in a drone business but just for the knowledge. Also to be able to file a fight plan and get instant approval. A used mavic pro is affordable now and don’t want to see non knowledgeable people flying 4 miles,or up into the clouds. I know FAA is monitoring YouTube. And Catching violators. And soon, will want to see All YouTubers 107. I feel if your monetized then you need 107.
    I think If DJI just does tweak for the spark then they will teak the air as well. Maybe ocusync on the air?
    I have seen you can’t buy ND filters for the spark on dji site as well. Maybe a clue about a 3 axis gimble for the spark? Did you notice this Bill? What do you think I need Bill? I am Going to use for YouTube videos. My wife YouTube channel has15,000 subs and we just started a second channel coldwar television. My wife is Russian. We want to show Russia how we live in USA. Glad I don’t have to hide under my school desk anymore!! But I want a drone for the B roll shooting for videos . for camping biking cooking. So active track is important For me.
    I was thinking in about a month we will hear about the next event. I Will follow your advice Bill from one western pa person to another.

    Thanks Bill
    Michael McDonald

  16. Robert S.

    Great information Bill, love my Spark but I'm saving my pennies for the Mavic 2 Pro. I'll still keep my Spark and I bought the Iron Man Tello for flying indoors. Love this hobby and flying my drones when I can.

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