DJI Smart Controller – 10 Questions Answered [2019]

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Because the DJI Smart Controller is brand new, there are many questions about its compatibility, performance, battery life and many other topics. This video looks at 10 of the most common questions that Ready Set Drone is seeing in the comments of our review and answers each of them quickly and concisely. We also did a full battery life test by charging the battery to 100% and then using the Smart Controller until its power level dropped to 10%. The result may surprise you! If you want to learn more about this amazing screen/remote control combination, please watch our full review!

Because it is compatible with OcuSync 2.0, the DJI Smart Controller is also designed to support more DJI aircraft models in the future. I know it’s a luxury, but now that I’ve flown with the DJI Smart Controller, I’m not sure I can ever go back to my original Mavic 2 controller with my phone.

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50 Replies to “DJI Smart Controller – 10 Questions Answered [2019]”

  1. 400 AGL

    Kelly, Great video here. Tons of really good information and I was really glad to see you do the battery test because I suspect that the 2.5 hours DJI claims will be of course approx. but with the screen at 100%. Lots of Reviewers were kind of bashing it because they claim the standard controller would go longer. One thing most or some of them don't know is that you can plug new Smart Controller into an "Aux Power Source" WHILE using it and keep flying. Awesome Q&A video.

  2. Russell Craig

    hi Great video. i am on the verge of buying the smart controller but one quick question which am getting several not so sure answers, Does the controller need to be connected to my mobile data to obtain the maps or does the controller work like a sat nav gps positioning? I am getting both answers but more to the sat nav answer.


  3. chris hayn

    I love drones and I am 11 and I would like to know if fpv would be difficult or hard for me I own a tello and have a drone sim on my pc and if so what would be a good drone (it must have acro) for 100-200$

  4. Ken Munn

    Another question on this controller … can you use the Litchi app with this controller? Couple of years ago I bought the P4pro+ and realized you cannot load the app to that. Still waiting..

    Anyhow, been watching your videos from the start. Great work …

  5. Jason woolley

    When will it work with Mavic Enterprise… According to the DJI advert it dose… But I have found out the disappointing way of buying one… It will not load DJI pilot…. You lie DJI..!

  6. Eric Ling

    DJI Smart Controller: “So the FCC won’t let me be or won’t let me be me so let me see, they try to shut me down during gov’r shutdown, but it feel so empty without me…”

  7. Eric Johnson

    So as far as third party you still can't use the Google Play store and download drone mapping software such as Drone Deploy, Pix4d, GSpro, Google Maps etc ? Yes, well know about the Amazon store and Litchi availability.. People have been sideloading and using APK versions of these apps intermittently but have never had true Google Play services app support causing the apps to not launch or crash and be very unstable if they loaded at all.

  8. The Doc.

    Great review. Is it something I want – no. I prefer the screen above the controls and would like a longer battery life or swappable batteries like you get with the Crystal Sky and Cendence controllers from DJI. The antennae positioning also leaves a bit to be desired. It seems too hit or miss. When flying, I've a lot to concentrate on. I don't want to be worried about having my antennaes correctly aligned, or changing my controller positioning to ensure good signal.

  9. Pete Frayne

    Hey Kelly, to answer your question at 7:49 Just hold the black button down (the button below the right joystick) on the controller, and the Gimbal, no matter where it is positioned, will recenter. Cheers mate

  10. Tim Georgiadis

    I own the 5.5 Crystal Sky…is the DJI Smart Controller worth buying? I feel that the CS can toggle between several drones whereas the DJI Smart Controller can only connect to drones that utilize Occusync 2.0

  11. Jesse Groth

    Love your videos btw! Have you heard if they plan on making an ocusync 1 version for the mavic and phantom series? I think they would sellmore for the phantom and older mavics since there are way more of them out in use.


    Please look at the new drone from Wingsland M1. Gps, 1080p camera, 3 axis mechanical gimbal, 5200 mAh battery with 25 min. of flight time and a transmitter a think it comes with a removable screen. All that only for about 150€. Only for preorder from Banggood. Thank you very much.

  13. TheAmazingTC

    So, from most of the comments made, the only real down side of this controller is the price? It's effectively the same as having a Crystalsky built into a handset very tidily, meaning I can be ready to take off in a really short time. This is a high end controller that appeals to the serious flyer, not the casual user, and it looks good. People commenting that it won't fit in their current storage case.. well, it's a new product – what do you expect? It's like buying a house with a garage that will fit a Kia Picanto, then buying an Audi A6 and complaining it doesn't fit. I'm buying one, I'm not loaded, but I'm looking into flying/filming seriously, so it looks like the easiest tool to use.

  14. MOTNAHPriderPH

    thank you sir for sharing this video. but now i just got a mavic pro 1st gen. this controller doesn't work on my drone. by the way i'm from philippines. I have a content taking drone footage some of the beautiful places here in ph., but i think i need more practice. wish to have a drone to use that smart drone from dji.

  15. Nigel Harrison

    Hi Have you been able to install DJI Pilot app on the controller? I'm seeing resource errors when trying to install/ start it up. Had to side load the apk as not available on amazon store – available on google play store but not showing my controller as compatible to download to it.

  16. Rich Charpentier

    Thanks for the video. With the new controller I was wondering if there would be a port for DJI Ground Station Pro. GS Pro is currently for iOS and the iPad only. Have you seen any information about GS Pro, and other apps for that matter. I understand they're using Android for the screen now. Thanks in advance!

  17. jasonjahnkeinla

    Love your video. Keep up the good work. just an f.y.i though, I have 2 Mavic pro controllers and I am absolutely able to buddy box them with a master and a Slave. It is the whole reason I bought a second controller. I can't see one reason why this new controller would not pair as a master or slave to the original mavic 2 controller. Can you double check this please. I think you may be wrong on you answer. Thx 🙂

  18. Steve Carpenter

    Hey Kelly, thanks for the very informative video! A special thanks for the shout out for Jim Crinan, this is much appreciated. This video was beneficial and cleared up many of the questions I had regarding the new DJI Smart Controller, thank you!

  19. D Gaines

    I fly with an iPad mini 4 and love the screen size just not bright enough, but I don’t think the 5.5 inch screen is big enough. But I like it and if I was going to buy something else it would be the 7.85 inch crystal sky. Same price bigger screen

  20. The 12th Fret

    Great review Kelly, one question I have asked and have yet to receive a definite answer. Can you install and use Litchi? I normally only use Litchi as I feel it's more reliable and the voice feedback along with other things are superior to the Go App. Thanks

  21. Bill14886

    Great video/review. Plenty of good info. One thing for the price you’d think DJI would have included a cover for all those top slots , As always they push there products out before completing it. Now you’ll need to find a aftermarket 3D printed seal flap. 1st guy that designs that is in the $$$$.

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