DJI Ryze Tello Selfie Drone Flight Test Review

This small selfie drone is easy to transport, setup, and fly, and produces excellent stabilized aerial video and photos. Find it here international buyers here

– Optical flow and 3D stereo IR stabilization system provides very steady automatic hover of the quadcopter. This allows you to let it fly itself while you focus on setting up the video and photo shoot.
– 720p 5MP camera with electronic image stabilization (EIS) produces very steady video without need for a gimbal.
– Onboard Intel processor provides rapid computation ability for the EIS and hover stabilization systems.
– Telemetry information (remaining battery power, speed, and height), FPV video/photos are viewed and recorded directly to your phone using the Tello app. Tello app is available on Google Play here and iTunes here
– Tello app includes intelligent flight modes of Bounce, 8D Flips, and Throw and Go (Hand launching and landings). Also includes EZ Shot modes of 360 Pan, Circle Position, and Up and Away (simulating a video crane shot).
– Can also be flown as a sport drone with bluetooth gamepad controllers. But doing such will corrupt FPV video as bluetooth operates on the same 2.4Ghz frequency as WiFi.
– 3.8V 1100mah battery provides over 12 minutes flight time.
– Does not require FAA registration

– Brushed motors. They will wear out eventually and need replaced. Treat them with care and they should last a reasonable period of time (minimize doing flips and always land in a location that does not restrict propeller movement).
– Video is sent to phone via WiFi. As such, video will incur inherent WiFi freezing and frame dropping (skipping). Unfortunately, there is no way to correct such other than redesign to include an onboard SD card for recording purposes.
– Some peolpe seem to be having problems running the Tello app. Recommend reading the app’s reviews on both Play and iTunes to see if your particular phone might have issues. Also recommend closing all non-needed running background apps prior to using Tello.
– No optical tracking follow me capability. Probably due to the level facing camera (optical tracking follow me works best with downward tilted camera). Maybe a future version can incorporate follow me?

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44 Replies to “DJI Ryze Tello Selfie Drone Flight Test Review”

  1. john hardy

    Wouldn't mind one for the garden now I could fly It at home under our new rules in UK, and under kickdown aren't allowed to go and fly bigger drones we still can't fly out at home. This seems the ideal garden flyer for my decent size garden. A lot of folk here are now recommending them to new flyers on a budget instead of the mavic minis so the can fly at home and its the best other option for such.

  2. colscopters

    Hi can does the images save to your phones gallery or just the app as iam very tempted thanks love the videos been a subscriber to your fantastic channel for a few years now and it's still brilliant thanks

  3. steve walker

    Hey man. I’ve missed ya voice brother. The Tello is on sale on amazon for £73. 🇬🇧. Or the iron man is £77. 🇬🇧. Thanks for the heads up just ordered it. Stay awesome 😎 stay safe 😷

  4. verox43

    You say controller or vr will interfere with WiFi, but in my opinion it will not, it works independently from each other. Although it may use more ram of your smartphone. Don't you think?

  5. Ivan Sushanski

    video resolution is too low looks even less than 720p but the stabilization is ok, like everyone saying it's a good drone if you want to fly around your house and see what''s happening around you from 150-200 feet altitude or distance

  6. Hanna Hörnlund

    Great video, but I have a question. I'm moving from Sweden to NYC this summer and wonder what the regulations are when filming with this drone? I know that you don't have to get a license because of its weight, but can I fly it wherever I want (except airports)?

  7. Midnightx user Midnightxuser

    🌈🦋 Does it have A iPhone USB plug-in or an android USB because they are not interchangeable at all unless they’ve changed and I don’t know it yet. Android plugs have a little slant on one side which the iPhone USB does not have so even though you can use them together the Chargers are often different that’s just what I found. Great video! Do bumpers really matter for blade protection ? Can the picture he sent to an iPad Pro just curious…👩🏻‍💻🙂Can I follow you when you are swimming? Are there any drones that I can follow you underwater? Just wondering…🙃🌻

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