DJI Ryze Tello Drone – Is the camera any good?

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In this short review, I focus on the camera and video quality of the DJI Tello drone.

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37 Replies to “DJI Ryze Tello Drone – Is the camera any good?”

  1. overlycreative1

    I own one, also, read lots of good comments. This is an excellent drone at this price point. Excellent for students as there are 3rd party apps, specifically for the tello. MIT scratch works well for the budding programmer in some, python capable. Camera is just fine for the novice. Since it's not gps , it works fine indoors, even in tight spaces. Takes bumps without great penalty and the guards are securely placed. So if you're finally taking the toe dip into the world of drones, this no licences required one may just be the one to feel out the hobby. Best wishes to all.

  2. Maning Tuyogon

    Can you donate a drone dji tello because i dont have enought money to buy a drone like that. Im a fan of drone but i dont have. I am your fan in the philippines. 😊 Thankyouu so much if you see my message 😊

  3. john conley

    My experience with the Tello video and still photos was very very good don’t rule it out. I just bought mine it’s January 2020 and I made sure the software was updated as the directions say to do. Video is very stable even at high altitudes of 99 feet up. Incredible. I’m so glad I got it.

  4. PD Tech

    Interesting review! I also bought a Tello last Christmas, I'd say it's a very good drone for a beginner pilot. I also noticed the missed frames in the video, mostly caused by weak wifi signal or wifi interference. The trick is to fly away from.other sources of wifi, maybe use a tablet for a stronger wifi signal or a wifi extender, which greatly improves the video transmission quality over wifi.
    Ultimately the Tello should have had a micro sd card slot built into the drone for perfect video recording but they decided to omit this feature and send the video across wifi, which is not a great design choice! So it is limited in that respect, I tend to get around it by editing out the glitches.
    It can produce some stunning footage in the right hands and the outdoor photos are beautiful 👍😎

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