DJI Ronin S vs. Zhiyun Crane 2

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22 Replies to “DJI Ronin S vs. Zhiyun Crane 2”

  1. nowsoh

    "Slight advantage" thats a six hour huge difference , he's totally 'not biased' Lmao
    and on the wind test, Ronin didn't do the job.. you can clearly see the difference disgustingly

  2. Brandon

    This might sound like a dumb question but do you think the crane would preform better with a lighter camera like the Canon 80d thats more than half its weight than the 1d

  3. Hartmann

    The dudes who've been using a Glidecam for a while always keep saying that electronic stabilizers provide a more "robotic" look and sometimes you don't want that. Can anyone name a single situation where you'd want a more shaky footage?

  4. 倪桦

    I bought a FeiyuTech AK4000 and the dual handle. It is really cool! And its max payload is 4KG. And I like its touch display and the multifunctional knob.

  5. Dan DiMaggio

    I am curious now that both the Ronin and Crane 2 have been out for a while, do you prefer one of these now over a glidecam? I have been learning with a cheap knock off glidecam but I am ready to invest some money into a better quality tool. I am torn about weather to continue using a glidecam or step into a motorized gimbal. Thank you.

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