DJI Pro vs Real Professional Cinema Drone

Still grounded, so lets fly some drones.

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The Gear I used for this video:
Fuji X-T3 –
DJI Ronin S –
The bendy tripod thing –
My on camera mic –

21 Replies to “DJI Pro vs Real Professional Cinema Drone”

  1. Jochem Vink

    For everyone saying that this comparison is stupid. I know it is but it is about the fact that they call it professional so he compares it to a real professional product

  2. David Robins

    Since my last note, my nephew in New Brunswick, Canada, has purchased a drone which does great video. He sent me one flying over my growing-up home area which was really good. I sent him this link to show him what you have for your professional work. Thanks.


    To everyone commenting here. He is basically saying that pro drones have isolated functions oppose to hobby drones consolidating all of its functions to one pilot setup. Pro drones have a complete different setup for both camera and drone. This ability along with some of the camera accessories and function, are what basically separates the 2 drones. A 1 person setup is what will always separate the hobbyist from the pros. Pros you need 2 people to operate for the very best shots, whereas hobby drones take 1 person for basic entry level shots.

  4. E D.

    So what was the reason to not use the same shots for an actual comparison. Instead it was the shots u selected to make the more expensive seem what incapable?

  5. Dotzen

    'PRO' added to a technology has nothing to do with 'Professional'. It comes from 'apps' which provide a free version, or a PRO version with premium features at a cost.

  6. D3Z

    i just think that the pro is for "pro consumer". it means it is very good for consumers, not professionals, as it mimics the quality of what pros offer, but at an understanding and ease that is good for consumers to easily use.

  7. Prasad Padmasanka

    I don’t have the situational awareness with the Mavic 2 pro. Also The professional crashed his professional cinema drone in to the truck. Dude instead of criticing Mavic 2 pro ask your supplier to include obstacle avoidance option in your pro camera. N stick to your flying.

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