DJI Phantom 5 Major News Update

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About this video:
In this video Bill from Bill The Drone Reviewer tells us about DJI Phantom 5 Major News Update. Bill shows us the latest pictures of what is reported to be a “one off for a customer not a Phantom 5 prottype”, a video clip of the “one off”, and information from an industry insider regarding some details regarding the Phantom 5. Be sure to answer the Question Of The Day !

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37 Replies to “DJI Phantom 5 Major News Update”

  1. Obsetube

    There will be two models. One will have interchangeable lenses. I am thinking that both allow the removal of the entire camera. There will be other feature differences. But the pro shipping stock with a camera with interchangeable lenses and also being able to eventually install a better camera is actually possible.
    It’s time to sorta let the drone camera market grow. There’s no real reason why they shouldn’t do this. It was possible on the p4.

  2. Imre Csoka

    hi Bill, tell me , as a first time Drone owner and video shooter would like decent video nothing smudgy or blocky…. is it silly to go ahead and buy the MAvic Air as apposed to the Mavic Pro2?
    I was considering the size of the drones and traveling with them when you would say go island hopping.
    I like the Air because of the price and the fact it has 2 sensors on the back w where as the others do not have this.
    What would u suggest?

  3. CyberJay1226

    I think there will be two versions of Phantom 5 like the Mavic 2. Previous Phantoms have been released in the Spring so I say around March / April. I think they will ride sales of the Mavic 2 this year and price drop the P4 pro around the holidays just as they did with the P3 Pro prior to the release of the P4 in 2016.

  4. Andrew Clelland

    The 'Elephant in the room' is the props in those pics… they are standard P4 props, so it is impossible that the drone is a P5, and has always been the case. Maybe the 'real' P5 will have interchangeable lenses… but I suspect that there is far more chance of a Hasselblad camera system, better than the MavicPro2.

  5. Up To Let

    The P5A will have one camera without interchangeable lenses (new Hasselblad derives from the M2P but next gen 24 MP camera with 5K). The P5P will have two cameras (the one from a spark for the pilot tilt only and the new interchangeable 24mp 5.2K (5.2K (5280 × 2160, 2.4:1) 30fps (422 HQ) )shown, two controllers and interchangeable lenses (including zoom). Both have retractable loops that can be lifted after takeoff and before landing. 34 min flight time, top sensors and 12 bit dlog

  6. iSpike

    ? ? New Flash: Ken Heron TNL this Thursday night October 11th ??, I will be a special international ?? ?? ?? guest LIVE on Ken's show. I may see you there brother. Cheers

  7. AJ Alvarez

    Dji Customer service totally sucks..My Zoom Crashed on last Saturday because DJI customer service is off on the weekends..I’ve Turned in all my info flight records on Monday from that point on never heard from them at all .I’m glad no one got hurt if somebody did get hurt it will be a big lawsuit my is a sister State lawyer here in Florida.

  8. AJ Alvarez

    Wow really Dji needs to fixed the Mavic 2 mine has a mind of its own it’s a falling brick from the sky Power outage?….Dji keeps making New drones but don’t solve the problems..They Kept updating on the IOS!!! With lots of issues especially on my iPhone X’s Mavic 2 Zoom becomes bipolar!!!!!!

  9. wwwcomthis

    Given I started with a P4, and loved it. Buying the Zoom has put the P4 on the shelf. Knowing the problems DJI is having with the new camera on the M2P, I don't think I'll be inclined to consider either model( w/new cameras) if introduced. After flying the smaller air frame of the Zoom I have found bigger isn't always better. I can grab and go with the Zoom instead of 3 trips w/the P4. Already my Zoom is out of date and it's less than 2 mths old. Skydio's R1 has new tech in it that blows away the M2. Dji will have to really step up to the plate on the next model to get any of my dollars. I think a total revamp is due for DJI. Another pisser with DJI is, have you noticed how they have jacked up their prices on accessories this last month? Almost 100% on some items, that's BS. Thanks for letting me vent.

  10. Ron Brown

    I think there will be two models of the Phantom 5. I'm working on a theory that DJI will make a one inch sensor camera that has a zoom lens for the Phantom five, instead of a interchangeable lens. This will place it above the Mavic series, but will still keep it a prosumer device rather than cut into the enterprise market for the Inspire series. And I wonder if they hold the Phantom 5 release for CES in January. If it's released after Black Friday they already missed the Christmas shopping season anyway.

  11. Kevin Jirka

    I’m sure there will be multiple versions of the next evolution of Phantom drones as it appeals to many different segments that they’ll want to profit from. What I am surprised about is the branding decision to move the color away from tradition. Phantoms have historically been bright white and Mavics get the gray treatment. When people see that white Star in the sky they recognize it as a Phantom.

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