DJI Phantom 4 Unedited 4K Sample Drone Footage (Aerial Shots of Sedona Arizona)

Phantom 4 Drone:

I brought the Phantom 4 drone along with me on my spring break trip to Arizona to test out the video capabilities of the newest quadcopter from DJI. I filmed all of the footage in 4K/30fps and did not edit it in post (this is why some of the shots are a little dark). Most of the clips were captured using the standard flight mode, but I did utilize the Active Track and POI modes for a couple shots.




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39 Replies to “DJI Phantom 4 Unedited 4K Sample Drone Footage (Aerial Shots of Sedona Arizona)”

  1. litemakr2

    How is this “unedited”? It’s actually “overedited” with the tiresome speedup-slowdown effects that all of the thousands of other drone vidoes on here have.

  2. Austen James

    You know that the patching together and the speeding up counts as editing right? I just wanted something to steal and practice my editing skills. I mean it's not that bad because the video is pretty dope but… It was edited, man! haha!

  3. Ethan Thompson

    Hello, I have just recently purchased the phantom 4 and have taken it on a few flights. I have been using 4k at 24fps. I have an adapter plug that lets me take videos straight from the micro sd card and transfer the 4k videos onto my iPad. The video gallery in the IPad won't play any of the 4k videos and on my computer they are all choppy and I just don't know what to do. Any help that you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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