DJI Phantom 4 Max altitude and flight above the clouds

Flight above the clouds with a Dji phantom 4

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  1. Bret Newman

    What a Foolish Thing to do. Hope the FAA does not get wind of this. They will come looking for you and with Fines out the A double. Wake up a smell the roses. Drones are not suppose to be at this height ever unless you are with the Military. I take it you knew nothing about Icing and that It does take down aircraft manned or Unmanned. You were lucky to recover this drone. This is exactly why the FAA had to step in due to FOOLS like yourself.

  2. Captain Levi

    I have the same drone, mine is limited to 500 meters, but the highest I’ve try it’s only 400 feet. I live here in El Monte, California but can’t go further do to the airport which is a mile away from me. I might risk it someday lol

  3. Noah Stakes

    I would kill to see this video again in 4K. I've got a video like this uploaded in 4K but I wasn't paying attention and forgot I locked how high I could go and when I brought my drone back down to change it to allow it to go higher, the clouds were pretty much all gone.

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