Dji Phantom 4 Breaks Maximum Altitude Limit 2

just testing new mods on my Dji Phantom 4 dji go 4 edition
all you need is 2 way radio that air balloon lads use (need license) to contact tower to request to enter any airspace. friend of mine has pilot license with 120hours on it + radio license thats how we done this test so it is fully legal

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46 Replies to “Dji Phantom 4 Breaks Maximum Altitude Limit 2”

  1. René Gubbels

    Thits is an stupid manouvre flying so high ,if there is an helicopter or resque-helicopter flying or an sportplane you will have al lot of trouble, i can tell you that.don't do that you endanger people 👎 .

  2. A.G

    Excellent video mate.
    In my case I have exactly the same issue with forced auto landing.. It can not be canceled.. Did you find a way to disable it?
    I have phantom 4 pro v2 (with superpatcher2 installed)

  3. Ride To Explore

    did u feel signal breaking , i bought mavic few month ago n fly without remote only operated with my huawei mate 10 lite , but my drone get again n again disconnected i returns from trek n sold now m planing for dji phenom 4 advanced but afraid from signal lost disconnected ect issues .i ask u this question because ur high altitude flight showing u have a lot of knowledge n skills

  4. Ryan Keefer

    If you flew that in the USA then it wasn't a legal flight. I am an FAA 107 sUAS license holder and it frustrates me when I see these videos and you tell everyone you can do it legally with just this or that. Even with ATC authorization for flying in controlled airspace you still cannot exceed the 400 foot AGL from your take off point unless you are within a 400 foot radius around a structure that exceeds 400 feet. Please don't do things like this or encourage others because it is going to ruin it for everyone when it gets banned because someone wanted to go beyond the limits and crashes a manned aircraft, its just not worth it.

  5. Jonas Dromberg

    i just did this for my mavic, just one question, i changed all parameters i dji assistant but i can still only change max value in dji go. i havent teste fly yet, just would like to know if thats is gona work, thanks

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