42 Replies to “DJI Phantom 3 vs Parrot Bebop 2”

  1. a mystery

    The parrot is at a huge disadvantage by resolution ect with the camera, the phantom 3 professional is used in the film industry whereas the parrot bebop is more hobbyist grade

  2. SomeStonerGaming

    All I know is when I fly my Parrot Bebop 2 Power, im always cheesing ear to ear. everybody always thinks the video is 4K when I show it to them on my laptop (No editting) so until I start making a living out of flying drones im fine with my bebop!

  3. Robert M

    DJI is way better in all features you throw at it kids. This is coming from a we'll rounded experience quadcopter pilot that owns a phantom 3 standard, A phantom 3 professional, and finally a phantom 4 quad.

  4. mavic 2018

    I had the bebop and loved it up untill it went nuts and flipped over a shredded the blades, twice I may add, end I did all the correct preflight checks.. Got refund and got the dji standard, miles better, but yes it it is bigger.


    vince phantom3……e come se corresse la fiat contro la ferrari…….ma quanto costa il phantom professional? quanto costa il bepop2? mi sa che vince il Parrot per prestazioni costo, ma non sono paragonabili sono due droni di categoria diverse, questa prova non è leale.

  6. Got_nuffin_on_me

    ANOTHER DJI SHEEP. You compare a 4K Camera to a 1080p Camera… This is not a comparative test! It's like comparing a Ferrari to a Ford! Also for the record the FOV on the Bebop is 150 degrees!! Much more than DJI, not "similar to DJI".

    If you want to compare anything, compare the flying stability of the Two drones. For the record "Follow Me" is much better on the Parrot, also it's not programmed to STOP if it thinks it's entering "sensitive airspace" which the DJI will do – Proven!).

  7. Guilio McEwan's Space

    If both fell the bebop will come out more less damaged and cheaper on parts.
    I would love a phantum but as I am upgrading from a RC toy drone.
    U818A I think a bebop will win for me.
    I also much prefer it with the controller as I don't feel confident enough to use my phone.

  8. Karel Piršel

    Hello and thank you so much for being one of the few people who trully are capable of showing in detail the differences btw the above compared drones. These "details" shown in your review/test trully show the capabilities and differences of each of the drones. There are countless numbers of reviews, showing battery life, distance travelled, phenomenal heights but very few "in detail" reviews of the actual photo/video quality capabilities of drones. Surely – many show their videos which have been cropped, sharpened or in many ways digitally remastered and then the typical "user" or rather to say "non-professional" drone user who would like to have his money "well spent" if investing hundreds of dollars/euros into whatever drone, has no way of seeing the true differences. Thank you for the review and please keep up the great work! This review helped me in which way I would like my money spent and in which way I would be quite dissatisfied. Thanks!

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