DJI PHANTOM 2 Review – [Flight Test – Vision+ Version]

My review of the Phantom 2. Find DJI Drones here

The Phantom 2 is the cheapest yet is a very solid option in their lineup. It seems to be the only one left in their lineup which they are still selling new to be able to add your own gimbal and camera or easily connect to the flight controller and use one of the 2 open channels as you please. In the P3 and now P4 versions they have become completely integrated and this option is no longer possible.

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23 Replies to “DJI PHANTOM 2 Review – [Flight Test – Vision+ Version]”

  1. Vadim Prunici

    Thank you very much for the tutorial!
    I have a question since you repair drones, why does no communication between remote and the drone itself ,do I need to connect the phone or app? It won't turn ON without a phone to be connected it should correct ,could you describe me some steps on how to check or troubleshoot or what needs to be repaired? Thank you!

  2. steve mcgowan

    hi dustin im acquiring a phantom 2 soon comes with fc40 camera but want to use a gopro3 or maybe my own ricoh wgm1 which has stereo sound an 14megpix .i have some sj4000 action camera maybe just need dji mount for gopro .also how is wifi range mine isnt vision version by way .steve in uk

  3. ju tub

    Vettem énis phantom 2 vision + de első repülésnél felszált,és el is ment magától.nagy csalódás volt ez a számomra. 150euroért vettem de 150 forintotis sokalnám érte. Remélem mások nagyobb sikerrel jártak

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