DJI Osmo Pocket VS. GoPro HERO 7 Black – VIDEO COMPARISON! (GIMBAL or HyperSmooth?)

DJI Osmo Pocket:
GoPro Hero 7 Black:

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In this video we compare the 4k and smoothness of both the DJI Osmo Pocket and the GoPro Hero 7 Black using HyperSmooth. GoPro is called a “gimbal killer” these days…but how does it actually stack up next to an ACTUAL gimbal?

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30 Replies to “DJI Osmo Pocket VS. GoPro HERO 7 Black – VIDEO COMPARISON! (GIMBAL or HyperSmooth?)”

  1. Kinotika

    Hey guys! We really appreciate the views and support on this video! If you are considering buying the DJI Osmo Pocket, it would really mean a lot to us if you bought it using our affiliate link:
    It helps us pay for this channel when you do this. Thank you so much!

  2. max bootstrap

    I much prefer the sharper more detailed and unwarped images generated by the OSMO… plus the ability to program gimbal-powered pan shots that cannot be done with the gopro. Plus, I'm always annoyed that where I really need the smooth motion of image stabilization most (at 4K), the gopro cannot move smoothly.

  3. pat c

    i am very new to this , so please excuse the stupid question, do you connect the osmo pocket to you phone? I need something to video my up coming vacation and all i have now is a Iphone . Most videos will be out the tour bus wiindows, not every ones cup on tea but the best i can do. Would you suggest one of these produces or just stick with the iphone .

  4. Doug Ales

    ♦️If you are recording other people doing stuff, get the DJI. If you are redording yourself doing stuff, get the GoPro.

    Why? The DJI is delicate but makes more cinematic content, the GoPro is durable but makes fisheye content.

  5. The Adventures of Peas and Carrots!

    Thanks this was useful. My Osmo Pocket died after 15 days of use. I was able to return it thankfully. Sadly watching your review the Omso looks better, but I just don't trust it now. I need something I can rely on. I have a Canon G7X for most of my vlogging but I still need a waterproof/action camera and the GoPro looks like a decent option to replace my really old Sony ActionCam.

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