DJI Osmo Pocket Tips and Tricks

Here is a collection of tips, tricks, and hacks for the new DJI Osmo Pocket. These tips include some handy hardware hacks to allow you to mount your Osmo Pocket for time-lapses and motion-lapses until retail mounts are available. Some charging and usability tips are also included to help new users get the most out of their DJI Osmo Pocket.

Osmo Pocket (DJI Website)
Osmo Pocket (Amazon)

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40 Replies to “DJI Osmo Pocket Tips and Tricks”

  1. vex

    This thing is a piece of shit! Buyer beware. I bought the unit, it's a
    pain in the ass to activate it, it worked for half a day, then it
    literally died. It would not power back up no matter what I tried.
    Looked it up in the forums, turns out I'm no where near alone on this.
    Also, it's not as "steady" as they make it out to be, if you don't do
    the "gimble walk" (when you walk like a constipated crab, and try to
    keep your arms steady) your footage will be shaky! Gonna return mine!

  2. GoFly DRONE

    Brill tips ,just got my osmo pocket for birthday and your tips already have improved my experience as I have iPhone 10s Max and would not connect on side with otter box case on ..the cable works a treat ..subscribed ..thks again

  3. Mark Faust

    Just a little observation about your 1st tip although I did like the rest, so thumbs up:
    Attaching the latest smartphone to a table tripod and recording 4k with that makes more sense….. why would I connect the DJI pocket onto it and record with that device if it just sits on the table unless it will be doing a programmed movement?
    That also means I am powering 2 devices for one job?
    Plus would never walk around with the dji like that as it is only attached by the flimsy lightning connector which is prone to sooner or later detach…. I can already see all the vloggers loosing or breaking something πŸ˜‰

  4. Joelster

    Thanks for the suggestions, I am using the Note 8 and using the cable thru the bottom port wont work as how it works with iphones, it thinks my phone is a battery bank and it messed up my phone for a bit, just a suggestion.

  5. Achim Conring

    Cause I detect some Tipps by myself…before . Neverless Thank you !!! Great. Waiting now for the wireless connection via Bluetooth.The Stuff is coming out , I saw today, middle of January . Hopefully .πŸ˜œπŸ‘

  6. gast

    Nice tips! Question, can it record to an external ssd via USBC? Question, question… Can it record to an external ssd AND take charge at the same time? Wouldn't that be awesome?!

  7. Loncey Bailey Green

    Thanks much for the great workarounds. An idea i got was trying to balance it, in a mobile gimbal like Zhiyun's smooth q. Thanks for all your tutorials, comparisons plus reviews & Happy New Year plus all the best in 2019!:)

  8. Matt Johnson

    the bottom cable trick works on Android devices just fine…. USB C to C cables work fine with Android phones that have USB C ports. For older MicroUSB ports, I've seen someone use a OTG cable connected to the Osmo Pocket, then a regular USB A to MicroUSB cable.

  9. Sebastian Schmidt

    Hello Air Photography,

    thank you for the well done review.

    Do have any information about Heat / Battery problems when permantly recording in 4k/60p, with a external battery pack attached. Does the camera shutdown because of the heat?

    As we all know these cameras can get very hot, for example the new GoPro stops recording in 4k after ~50min.

    thank you and have a nice day

  10. Udo Heinl

    Thanks for the tips.
    How is autofocus operated in AFS mode? it does not work for me. Does the focus point have to be reset again and again? or does it also remain stored after switching off? afc is not suitable for fireworks shots. I think AFS would be better. Or do we need a new firmware?

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