DJI Osmo Pocket Review – I Wanted to Hate It, BUT…

Review of the DJI Osmo Pocket, 3-axis stabilized handheld camera. Discussing video feautres, low-light, autofocus, gimbal, battery life, & 4K image quality.
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Phone Grip for Putting Osmo on Tripod:

Table of Contents:
0:49 – Osmo Pocket Missing Advertised Features (Cinelike, Stories)
1:28 – No USB Micro Type-B Connectivity / No Samsung Phones
1:59 – DJI Activation Process Is Annoying – Mimo App
2:19 – Build Quality – Mostly Good, but why USB on the Bottom?
2:46 – How to Attach DJI Osmo Pocket to a Tripod (Phone Grip)
3:01 – Using a Phone with the Osmo – Pros & Cons
3:25 – Osmo Pocket is Too Small for Big Hands
4:08 – Price Considerations
4:34 – BUT Then I Saw the Image Quality…
5:00 – Outstanding Video Features (Zebras, Histogram, Grid, WB)
5:54 – Great Low-light Performance (ISO 100 – 3200)
5:57 – Osmo Pocket Lens Details – 26mm f/2.0
6:13 – Superfine Is Marketing Nonsense – It’s Just Sharpening
6:42 – No Record Limits + Great USB Power Supply & Battery Life
7:27 – Timelapse Feature Is Good, but Osmo Falls Over Easily
7:57 – Osmo Pocket Carrying Case is Excellent
8:13 – MicroSD – Breaks Up Files into 4GB Chunks Even with exFAT
8:29 – Does it Overheat?
8:45 – Quick Look at the Photo Modes
9:01 – The Gimbal Isn’t Steady Because the Osmo Is Too Light
9:39 – Microphone Test – Audio Is Fine, but Too Easy to Block Mic
9:55 – Autofocus – Sharp, Good Tracking & Face Detection
10:23 – Conclusion: Would I Recommend the DJI Osmo Pocket?

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31 Replies to “DJI Osmo Pocket Review – I Wanted to Hate It, BUT…”

  1. SB Hopper

    I'm glad you ended up recommending it haha. I did a lot of research – well, review watching – and I got this. I was really torn between it or an action cam. But I don't really need an action cam. I'm still a little worried about the decision. I forgot to look into weather resistance, I don't like the port at the bottom, and even after watching reviews, it didn't sink in how much it relies on the phone.

  2. Mike Mason

    okay, that was awesome, i think i am gonna have to get a gimbal for my olympus TG-5. I was really interested in the final product, and the smallness, i am still up in the air if i should get one, hmmm…..great video thanks….pipefittermike

  3. Sing In Perfect English

    Regarding it being too light affecting the gimbal effect… Do you think it would it make it any better if you attached a phone, phone holder, and a mini tripod to it?

    It wouldn't be so small anymore, but it'd still be much easier to handle than say the osmo mobile!

  4. Steve Hutchesson

    You have much the same complaints as I have and much the same liking for the video quality. Buy enough toys for it, control wheel, ND filters and just recently a case that accepts the control wheel and it is starting to be useful. I got a Ulanzi base with quarter thread and a USB C on either side that made it mountable and can put a nice heavy handle on the bottom when needed. The real action though is the image quality, I can easily match it with footage from my Sony FDR AX700. The registration is a genuine pain and the lack of Micro USB was a real pest. I eventually found a double ended cable with USB C on one end and Micro USB on the other so I could do the hardware upgrade but originally had to get a neighbor with an Apple tablet to do the original registration. Good review and I agree with just about everything you said.

  5. Joe Colletti

    Nicely done Gerald, thanks! Have you heard any rumors / timeline for a Pocket 2? I'm really tempted by the Pocket, but I'd hate to get it just before they release something that incorporates all the feedback they're getting. Thanks again

  6. ishootforaliving

    Anything you don't like using overtime you will end up leaving in the box. When it's too tedious you really do end up overlooking image quality. The different accessories needed is exactly like action cameras, meant to make you spend a large bundle overtime with a seemingly affordable price from the getgo and making sure you have to buy the gadgets to access the features. ? and need of iphone to top if off?? Meh I'll pass.

  7. Russell Thomas

    Despite all your negatives your positive push me over the edge. I saw this post a few months ago and it really resonated. The more I try to not think about this camera the more I did. So I finally pulled the trigger. Here are my first tests Of the camera. Please note that I only used it in time-lapse mode but that's why I wanted it. let me know what you think and keep up the great videos thank you so much!

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