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We have had the DJI Osmo Pocket for a few weeks now and have been surprised how it performs! In this review we go over all the details of the gimbal and our findings with it. Comment below your thoughts and ideas for future reviews!

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24 Replies to “DJI Osmo Pocket REVIEW – BETTER THAN YOU THINK!”

  1. Kinotika

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  2. Guiltygear008

    Might be me but for vlogging the osmo does not seem good. Just look at how big your face is and how little background there is compared to the go pro. It might be perfect for filming other but vlogging the wide view of the go pro makes it a winner in my book.

  3. The Wandering Frog

    How about the battery? can you change it or are there accesorry for extra battery? I also would like to know how the battery is on -1 degree C or below weather temp. I have to at least carry two extra batteries for my go pro when skiing the whole day , and change them everytime as the cold drains them easily.

  4. R M

    Would you kindly answer a question for me? BTW, great video! I had it in my car the other night and I was trying to do a hyper lapse/time lapse, but I could not keep my gimbal focused on the road ahead. It’s like when I went around a curve, the gimbal would go there, and then it would just stay. What am I doing wrong? I just wanna film my morning commute from home to work, but in hyperlapse. Thank you SO VERY MUCH !!

  5. northico

    There is no issue with osmo audio. You just covered one of the mics by your finger. If that happen, audio starts to sound not so good. You just have to be careful with mics, never cover them!

  6. Brett G

    All I want in my Osmo Pocket is… Super Slo-Mo… and a tripod adaptor that allows us to plug in the Osmo with power whilst on a tripod… (to film a timelapse video obviously)…

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