DJI Osmo Pocket Review – Better than a GoPro? | The Tech Chap

The Tech Chap reviews the DJI Osmo Pocket. A handheld, 3-Axis stabilised Camera that can shoot 12 MP photos & 4K video. For £329/$349 is the Osmo Pocket a big upgrade from a GoPro or Smartphone? Buy at

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25 Replies to “DJI Osmo Pocket Review – Better than a GoPro? | The Tech Chap”

  1. Chris71319

    I am happy with the new firmware which is released today. The autofocus is quicker now and they added pro mode to the device and AFC/AFS mode. Also the face recognizion improved and cine-like colour mode is added. Seems like a new improvement. I just downloaded the new firmware.

  2. STEVE Bruggenwirth

    Great showcase of London and good review of the Osmo Pocket. I've had mine for a month now. I disagree that Osmo Pocket is designed to take on the GoPro 7 as they are completely different cameras serving different purposes. Yes they are both super smooth, but GoPro will only give you a FPV whereas Osmo Pocket always maintains a proper horizon (unless the FPV mode is selected). I'm sure you have discovered this since posting your video, but you can select 16:9 ratio on the Osmo Pocket screen. I also don't understand why people would ask how the Osmo Pocket video quality compares to a smartphone. It's not a case of choosing either a smartphone or Osmo Pocket as again they serve different purposes and only the Osmo Pocket has a gimballed camera.

  3. James Stimpson

    For me it’s all about ease of editing or sharing. I have a Sony fdrx3000. Great camera but to edit 128gb of card on a 16gb iPad…its a no. How easy is the pocket to share videos? Any editing options whilst linked to the phone?

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