DJI – Osmo Pocket – Portable Power

A playful animation brings the creative possibilities of DJI’s Osmo Pocket to life. Explore a multitude of accessories, and discover how to capture moments worth keeping.

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27 Replies to “DJI – Osmo Pocket – Portable Power”


    I love this camera!!! feel DJI needs to simply add a 3.5mm mic jack and just to stay ahead of the game build in the wifi camera connection. The adapter port they have is a great idea but cant help but wonder if it could be better served as a hot shoe mount for film accessories such as external mic accessories wireless mics, video lights, etc.

  2. Davanthrax Aniki

    The marketing policies at the marqueting level are rubbish … if you have the soft ready launch it … I have the first OSMO and I always had D-cinema Like and now with the Poket I'm considering returning it to DJi because I can work since the videos are not camping with the rest of my team because they do not have color profiles … it will be a month since I have it and we are still without D-Cinema mode and without semiautomatic control with ISO lock. .. a shame!!!

  3. Davanthrax Aniki

    Donde están las curvas de color profesional? me llegó esta semana y no aparecen… no se por que han quitado esta opción tan importante que si estaba presente en la primera versión…

    Tampoco he podido encontrar el Story mode en Mimo… he utilizado un iphone 7+ y un iphone SE

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