01.30.2019 this is DJI osmo pocket new firmware update v01.04
connect your dji osmo pocket to your phone and the dji mimo app will automatically update this.
1.added pro settings when using osmo pocket without Dji Mimo
2.added option to switch between AFC and AFS when using osmo pocket without Dji Mimo
3.added cine-like color mode to video mode
4.optimized face detection
5.reduced focus pulsing in some situations( REALLY? WE WILL TEST THAT) such as when shooting the sky or night.
6.increased af speed tracking moving objects.

apart from that they are saying that they have improved the gimbal closing situation.

well donot forget to enjoy the presentation as you can see i work hard for these.

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stay happy and live life. thankyou cx network and purple army also


  1. M B

    I sent my osmo back after christmas but decided that the accessibility overrode the downsides. So I bought it again this week. Fixing the autofocus and having pro settings on camera make it the game changer it was… Now, external mic options !!!!

  2. rocky diesel

    its added story mode also, but after I tried it, you can't use story mode if your connected via wireless module.
    and also others talk about being able to extend the video time on the story mode clips, but I don't seem to find that part also.
    any help?

  3. Maarten van Roy

    I saw a screenshot of the Pro settings available on the device in the beta release of this firmware update last week posted by Maurofilms. I first thought it was a joke and that those settings won't come available like that. But it turned out it was not a joke…..just F####NG AWESOME!!!! I think with this update the Pocket will become even closer to being a "GoPro killer". Also keep in mind that finally the Story mode came available in the DJI Mimo app as well. I absolutely love this device.

  4. The Begg Family Antics

    It was when I spotted the notification for your video I connected my Osmo Pocket to my phone and got my own updated. Many thanks for that! I knew what to expect from an earlier video someone posted with a beta version of it.

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