DJI Osmo Pocket, 6 Weeks Later…(the negatives/issues)

We received our Osmo Pocket ( over 6 weeks ago, here’s our thoughts on what is not so hot! BE SURE TO HIT SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy this video!



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37 Replies to “DJI Osmo Pocket, 6 Weeks Later…(the negatives/issues)”

  1. Tomcat Airguns

    Outstanding review! Direct, fact based, and to the point! Thank you for taking the time to put it together. After watching your review I have decided against buying the Osmo and I can't tell you how much I agree with you about what's missing from it. I can only hope that DJI pays CLOSE attention to this video and makes major improvements for the Osmo Pro or G2.

  2. lemasch01

    I had some other issues additionally to the issues you named. For example I often needed the smartphone connection and my smartphone has run out of battery so fast that I wasn’t able to do what I wanted to. Because when the Osmo Pocket is connected I cannot charge my phone. This plus all the issues you named plus several problems of connecting made me sending it back. I also wish that the next generation doesn’t have problems with rain. I didn’t have the Osmo Pocket anymore but was in one of those situations where I wanted to film and of course it started to rain. This made me sure that even if the next generation has fixed a lot of issues I won’t buy it if it’s not protected of rain. 😐

  3. Daniele. Pianciola

    Thank you for this exhaustive and authentic review. Just an idea: making the charge light visible with the cover on isn't that hard with a little DIY, just punch a hole in the case plastic, it's not so hard, and they sell small tools that can carve a tiny hole with industrial grade precision. Easier than wait for the lazy Dji to replace the light ;–)

  4. Lanfor Productions

    I have no issues but one for the osmo. The audio compression doesn’t matter when filming a live concert because the built in mic can’t handle the decibel levels. Go pro has better quality audio for loud environments otherwise the audio is fine for talking level environments like the blogger. I have yet to test an external mic.

  5. Steaksauce

    Great video. I personally think the charging LED was meant to be covered up so as not to be too distracting at night. I for one like to go to bed at night and not have some random light glowing/flashing in the room. Besides, you can leave the flap open if you want to see its charging status. Cheers!

  6. Jorge Aso

    Is there any way to do AF and AE LOCK without the need to use the phone? I saw a review in which pressing and holding on the viewfinder seemed to do the trick but i cant do it… AFC is really bad, like in any phone nowadays

  7. Robert Hall Photography

    Great video, I just ordered one and I feel like I have a solid understanding of it's limitations already. Really would love a 1 inch version with just enough control to do manual exposure without the app. And I agree that a 3.5mm jack on-board would be incredible as well. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Stevegnz

    I bought the osmo pocket a month ago and love it! I was terrified clicking into your vid to see maybe I missed the failures in it somewhere. Thankfully most things you mentioned can either be helped with 3rd party accessories or are issues only the purist of vloggers would face. Great review. Subscribed

  9. Sierra Lisse

    Hey, thanks for this video. Solid content, and very reasonable points for the wish list. I considered buying at first but first generation always comes with too many things that need working on. I'll stick to my Note 8 + gimbal + lav mic for now. Heavier, but I get so much good use out of them. And thanks for the audio demonstration. Did you do any editing for the audio or was it posted as is?

  10. xguy9

    I did own this for about a week, but after a week of use I decided to return it. I have a iPhone XS Max and I believe it doesn’t do that much more than my phone. So I return it and got the insta360 One X Instead.

  11. Tim Arbour

    If you haven't bought one, DON'T. This product sucks! I've had mine for a few weeks and its terrible. I strickly bought this for videoing WITHOUT using my cell phone. It REQUIRES the cell phone – you can't use it until you connect it to a frutty phone or an Type C Android. Video is poor too. My GoPro Session 4 takes MUCH better video. I wish I would have bought a Go Pro 7. Also, the accessories needed are OUT OF STOCK and have been for quite a while.

  12. Red in the Shed

    The questions I have is more about DJI as a company. I don't know much about this company. Will DJI listen to their customers and fix some of these problems? and how often do they update their products, how long will we have to wait for an improved version 2?

  13. TheStockwell

    All the complaints about the Osmo Pocket, about all the things people would've done if they owned the company, make a strong case for not buying one. Too bad. Thanks for the advice to steer clear of it.

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