DJI OSMO MOBILE 2 – Setup and Balancing

In this video, I show you guys how to properly balance the DJI Osmo Mobile 2. This is based on looking at how others have balanced it and I’ll share my opinion on the best way of balancing the gimbal to use the least amount of power possible.

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48 Replies to “DJI OSMO MOBILE 2 – Setup and Balancing”

  1. Captureprojectone

    Just reveived mine today and was balancing my iPhone 10 Max your way and the phone clamp was hitting the back motor not allowing for a full rotation. Balancing horizontal doesnt hit. Also, my phone case is off. For me, it balanced horizontal. I believe my phone is one of the larger models. Wheres the DJI tripod base that showed in other videos? All I received was DJI Mobile 2, charging cable and the storage case.

  2. Tambuchong Pinoy

    Just saw your video bro your wrong bro about the center knob that knob is to adjust the landscape or portrait u can see the drawing behind it. Correction bro that knob is nothing to do with the balancing of the phone.

  3. Blade Banter

    Just a follow up the OSMO Mobile 2 did everything I needed it to. Learned while using it and did I think 34 interviews at Blade Show West.
    Definitely would not have worked as a primary battery back up.

  4. Mark Tate

    The way you balanced the tilt axis is not correct and will actually use more power when you tilt the phone with the joystick, it will also over stress the motors and possibly damage the gimbal, especially if you have a larger phone. the way it says to balance in the manual is the correct way and only then will it be properly balanced. The way you have done it means the tilt is acting more like a pendulum only and not a balanced motor.

  5. Jon Aman

    It should be balanced how it says in the manual, straight down. So, when you pitch it up or down it has equal weight. If you balance it level then all the weight will be on the top or bottom based on your phone. Then either your up or down will have to work much harder on your motor. That's what I discovered. If you aren't pitching up or down then yes, it isnt much strain when in a neutral position.

  6. Fasil Asefa

    with dji osmo mobile 2 very difficult to mount iPhone X with its case, remove its ok thats means expensive iPhone X will gone forever with this cheap gimble, no youtuber told us the secret, because they are here only to sell their ugly
    product and never listen them even this guy

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