DJI Osmo Mobile 2 | Must-Have Phone Camera Accessory for Travel?

Gimbals are one of the hottest gadgets on the market, but are they good for the average traveler? In this video, we review the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 to determine whether it’s a must-have device. We cover what we like, what we don’t like, and whether we would recommend the device.

Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive technical review. Please see below for some of our favorite video reviews that go through all the nuts and bolts of the gimbal!

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32 Replies to “DJI Osmo Mobile 2 | Must-Have Phone Camera Accessory for Travel?”

  1. Amod Oke

    Are you kidding? Not being able to use your phone while it's ON the gimbal is a negative??? You want a "phasing", invisible gimbal that'll hover the phone when you want to use it?

  2. Jakati's Photography Travel & wildlife

    It's working fine with ANDROID as well ….I have been using it with my new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the videos are so stabilizing …I tried Hyperlapse, Timelapse, M Timelapse, Slow motion and also super slowmotion, Panaromic photos….Samsung Galaxy Note 9 + DJI Osmo Mobile 2 = Ultimate videos…

  3. Matt Molen

    What camera did you decide to go with? You mentioned several times in the comments you'd try to find something that wasn't so cumbersome. I'm very interested in this. I have a DSLR that I don't want to carry around. I thought about just relying on GoPro Hero6 but not loving that idea either.

    Thought the gimbal here would be a good option, but if I have to wrestle with it everytime I want to capture a shot, sounds like a hassle.

  4. Peter Pype

    Filmic Pro combined with the iPhone 6s is the best combination to use with the Osmo Mobile. The iPhone 6s still sold on the Apple Website has no
    mechanical stabilization built in and doesn't therefore run in conflict with the Osmo. The iPhone 6s does 4K and has a mini jack for audio. When shooting video the format is always 1920 X 1080 for HD and 3840 x 2160 for 4K and always 72 ppi, so it doesn't matter if you shoot on an iphone 6s, 7, 8, or 10 the resolution doesn't change unless you shoot pictures. All I want to say is that the 6s has more advantages when you shoot video with professional audio.

  5. José Eduardo R Azevedo

    the problem with the jitter is not DJI's fault. When you have two systems trying to do the same thing, that happens. That's why most film makers use an app like Filmic Pro, which allows you to turn off the phone's OIS.
    Tha same happens when you use a photographic camera with image stabilization on a tripod: you get lesser sharp photos! That's why on most cameras/lenses for DSLR quality photos you have the option to turn the system on and off.
    Hope to have added.
    My best!

  6. swooshdave

    I can see how a frequent traveler might not appreciate the extra weight and bulk of a gimbal, but if you want to add an extra layer to your filmmaking the gimbal can provide it. Just like a drone can add an extra layer.

  7. 5tr33tx

    Thank you for new (travel) perspective!
    While travelling I filmed several hours with Zhiyun smooth c. I like to film with mobile gimbal. And came to conclusion (and bought second phone) that it is good to have two phones. 1. for filming and drone monitoring. 2. for phone calls, emails etc.
    I would like you to make video of Zhiyun smooth 4. 😊

  8. Y&S FOOD!

    Incredible video footage! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to catch this type of contents. We produce Travel & Food video too, across the globe, and also we are continually interested in inspirations and ideas. Thank You.

  9. Tech Guy

    Great Video!
    Did DJI refund you fully or did you have to pay for shipping?
    Anyways I think the main reason for the jitter is not OIS : my Sony Xperia XZ Premium doesn't have optical stabilization but yet it suffers from the same issue.. I think the main reason is the position of the camera itself. Xperia and IPhones have the camera at the edge of the phone while phones like Samsung and LG has them closer to the middle. I think when used with the osmo, it shakes the phone slightly in the roll axis and it transfers to the recorded video.

  10. Carl Versus Travel

    Great channel 🙂 found via YouTube suggestions (the American in the UK video) – great presentations 🙂 Still waiting for Osmo 2 to be released in the UK, I'm looking forward to the upgrade on my Zhiyung Smooth-C! The time lapse/pan process look epic

  11. JC Williams

    Great perspective! Never though about the frustration when actually wanting to use the phone while in the gimbal. You are right, it takes the mobile aspect of our phones away!

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