DJI OM4 Smartphone Gimbal – A Review and Complete Tutorial

Get the DJI OM4 here:

The best smartphone gimbal of 2020 has arrived- the DJI OM4! This video is a review of this power-packed smartphone gimbal, and includes a complete walk-through tutorial that will help you understand everything about it!

You can also get it direct from DJI: 

0:00 Introduction
1:35 Unboxing
8:07 Setup
8:50 Dynamic Zoom Tutorial
9:32 Hardware Walk-through
11:17 Spinshot Tutorial
11:43 MIMO App Overview
12:55 CloneMe Effect Tutorial
14:08 Final Thoughts

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22 Replies to “DJI OM4 Smartphone Gimbal – A Review and Complete Tutorial”

  1. Robert Hazelton

    I have the iPhone 11 Pro. The phone clamp does NOT hold the phone tightly with a Moment Case installed. I thought it was secure but when I turned the OM4 on, it popped right off.

    And good luck balancing with a lens. I have counterweights and did a decent job but coupling the fact that it barely holds the phone in the case and the weight problem with a lens, I didn't find this gimble all that practical of a choice.

    Note: without the case, it works great. If you want to rely solely on the built in camera without lenses, you'll be golden.

  2. Dan Donovan

    I would say DJI deliberately does not make the bottom of the gimbal flat. With such a small surface area, it would be unstable, especially when using features like Motionlapse or CloneMe Pano.

  3. Lynn Johnson

    Just requested one for my Birthday in March. Saved the video to watch over and over until I can operate it right out of the box. This video will definitely shorten the learning curve! Great content!

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