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  1. FH Production Media

    I have DJI Mavic Pro..but I can't set to auto track.. how to set it because my DJI apps did not display the icon. could you help me, what apps are suitable? Now I use the DJI Pilot. It is the correct apps?

  2. weaselnut777

    ‘Mavic is Penetrating through the wind because there is less surface area’ hahahahahahahahaha. You might need to have a bit of a re-read about airspeed, drag and thrust and what those terms mean before you call yourself a ‘Flite Tester’

  3. Bhavya Sankhyan

    i bought this DJI selfie drone couple of months ago and it is amazing!! i absolutely love it, The video quality is extremely good, its super light weight liberates itself to fly high, the remote device is really easy to use. If you have an adequate budget then this is best product for you! it does not get better than this! https://amzn.to/2v1Um6B

  4. PT Pavlos

    Don't buy one. My drone had 79% battery, was connected to 16 satellites and was over 40kms south of the nearest restricted zone. I provided DJI with the saved flight path which indicated the warning, the CASA "can I fly there" app map, the DJI fly safe map etc to prove I was not near a restricted area. I also had full control and was flying at only 66m. It suddenly came up with a warning about being in restricted area and conducted a forced landing into the ocean. There were no aircrafts or boats on the water or anyone in the vicinity. I contacted DJI about it and they gave me a massive run around and offered a measly 10% discount on a new purchase. They refused to look into it and could not explain what happened. This has happened before – refer other forums.

  5. Sam Plautz

    Dang the magic has an amazing camera! I never noticed that the phantom had duller colors. Dude the mavic just comes makes the video come to life. This thing would work perfect for hiking and anything where you don't wanna lug around a giant drone. It would just go right in someone's backpack

  6. One vict

    I've notice you guys have put the link on where to get the DJI Mavic. However, I only have ebay gift card so I want to buy it on ebay, but I'm not sure which one it is because there are too many of them. Thank you

  7. One vict

    Hey man, thank you for sharing! The DJI Mavic look awesome. I want to buy it on ebay, but I afraid I buy the wrong one. Can help me point which one is it and put the link in your video so I can get exactly like the one you are using in this video. Thank you!

  8. Hot Hippo

    I am about to buy my first drone. I will use it primarily to collect data from my field tags – is it possible to programme it to fly (for example) 5m above ground for 200m, then turn around and return? + How does it compare to Parrot Bebop 2? Thanks!

  9. Binky

    When taking a Drone on a flight.! Would I have to check in or it can be a carry on.! Thanks Guys. Awesome kick ass video.! Buying, my first Magic next week.! Kinda excited Bless Binky.!

  10. Scott D.

    Questions on the Mav pro does it have like returned to home altitude hold and things like that
    I am a beginner never have so anything like this so just want to have some safety factors spending this much money on something like this thank you

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